Sunday 17 December 2017

Personal Experience - Christmas Gifts

A gift is always good to receive but tough to give. My group of friends have the habit of having a secret Santa session annually. The first year we started with $20 and $30 the next with the amount snowballing to around $50 this year.

Yup, we go through the headache of getting gifts for each other every year but I have to say it’s exciting and does help us to bond together after weeks or even months of not meeting. We also do realize how fast we are all ageing (haha) every time we have a full attendance for our Christmas party by discussing what we are currently doing and the conversations always goes back to school memories together.

Anyway, back to the main point of how much are you willing to spend on a gift? I think a good gift is when you put yourself in the shoes of the other person and think about what he/she wants. I have received gifts that were so hastily bought that you know that the person haven't put much thought into the gift. How do you make sure that you are getting gifts suited for the right person?

1. Time is of the essence

It's never bad to start early. You can actually make use of the extra time to find presents and be able to consider if that really is the most suitable gift for that person. Also, you are able to avoid the crowd that are rushing to get presents at the last minute. Getting gifts during the last minute would just make you get things that are most accessible or something that has a 'beautiful' price/packaging.

2. Spend some time thinking about the person and what he/she has said recently

I think this point is really important. Many people don't bother thinking what the person really wants or maybe its too difficult therefore that explains all too well why chocolates are one of the hot favorite as a Christmas gift. Because who wouldn't like chocolates. But it really is no surprise when the gift is opened and a box of chocolates are received. One example is that I have seen my internship supervisor drink tea every single day. So maybe I can strike up a conversation with her asking about it and getting to know her favorite kind or if not surprise her with a kind of different blend of tea.

3. Is a gift really needed?

Sometimes a gift might not be the best in every case. If you really cannot think of a gift for someone, why not write a short thank you or appreciative card. In this advancing world of ours, it definitely would be nice to receive a handwritten card filled with warmth and heartfelt thanks. I have actually given my mum Christmas cards every year and she keeps them well in a file. To her, me being appreciative of what she has done for me is a really big Christmas gift to her. Of course I do supplement the card with a gift but to her, that handwritten card is worth more than anything else because whatever that I am too shy to tell her face to face, I write it down on the card.

4. Thoughtfulness 

Even though we always want to give good gifts to people and hope they love it. But we do have to be thoughtful and be appreciative during this festive season. Christmas is the season of giving and besides giving, we might also receive hence to show thoughtfulness is also equally important. 

Here's wishing everyone an early Christmas and happy gift selecting for the people whom you love and appreciate:)

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