Thursday 7 December 2017

Personal Experience - Internship

I just started my internship recently as a HR intern and I have started experiencing Monday blues and Friday happiness. Haha, Mondays really do feel like a drag.

1. Work environment

The internship is with an SME company hence workload and responsibilities are much higher as the number of employees are lower in numbers and I must admit that in the beginning I did want to quit as I felt that I could not handle it. Millennials? but i held on and must say I am learning a lot.

The first week was tough. Went in clueless and they had so many things going on. Every morning I dragged myself out of bed and tried to be positive. I finally understood why my mum used to sigh and complain to me that she didn't want to go for work. Those times were her stressful periods

2. Supervisors

When I got in, there were 2 supervisors for me to report to. One was the boss of the other but both would assign tasks to us. Our department was working in a way different from the rest as the 2 supervisors came into the company at the same time around mid 2017 hence they both were relatively new and needed an extra hand.

Not that I was comparing our department to the others but having 2 supervisors was tough. Each had their own working styles and each handled different projects. It's really when I realized the difference of having one or two person to report to was huge.

3. Colleagues

To be honest, this is the best part so far. As the company relies heavily on interns, I found a few other interns whom I could really talk to and were comfortable with.
Even though they are mostly from polytechnic, I have to say that we really got on well.

4. What I learned so far

Working world is really different from studying. When I was a kid, my mum asked me if I wanted to study or work. I remembered telling her that I would very much want to start work immediately instead of studying. But right now....after experiencing the work life, I realized how happy and worry-free study life is. The irony though, haha that my decisions change so fast.

I learn so much more from work than school and I do realise that being smart really isnt everything. I have seen people who work so hard but not getting their credit due whereas someone who is able to communicate well can get praised for work that is slip shot. 

I will be doing another update during the end of Jan when my internship ends and to be honest I am getting quite used to things but still learning and weekends are sooo precious. Tomorrow's gonna be a Friday so I am in a happy mood now 😃😄😄

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