Saturday 30 December 2017

Year-End Review of portfolio

This is my first year end portfolio review as I only started investing this year. So total counters for 2017 came to 7 and most were bought in the second half of the year meaning that I missed out on dividends and so dividends for this year quite low.

As of 30th December 2017,

Current costs for stocks/shares is at $5741.81, current value is at $5975.80 meaning a P/L of $234.03.

Total Dividends collected this year is $87.61.

Using StocksCafe, my time weighted returns is at 19.38% for 2017 compared to a -2.33% in 2016 hence bringing my overall to a time weighted return of 16.59%.

The time weighted returns for my portfolio is not bad to me but comparing it to ES3, it does lose out and mainly during to my returns in 2016.

For my dividends which I am looking forward to in 2018 has been projected by StocksCafe to be $336.88, giving me an average of about $30.63 which can be used to cover my phone bills as I am currently using the SIM only plan with Singtel at $20/month. Haha, it is a really good feeling knowing that your investments can cover certain portion of your monthly spending and I think for me that is the greatest driving force for me to save and invest for the long term.

Overall, I am quite pleased with my current holdings and hope to increase them in 2018 if I have sufficient capital. If not, I would slowly build up my cash holding and add more stocks into my watchlist before making any decisions. Do give feedback or any tips to me 😆

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