Monday 19 February 2018

Design Studio - Drastic drop in price

On 15th Feb 2018, I read a message on Investing Note about design studio earnings reporting a significant loss for 4Q2017 and this will affect their performance for FY2017. It was Chinese New Year Eve and today when the market opened, the price dropped rapidly and even breaking the 52 week low. As of now, the 52 week low is at $0.455 so the news of a significant loss for 4Q2017 and in turn affecting FY2017 performance has taken a hit on it's share price.

Snip of the announcement by Design Studio taken from SGX. So we can only know the significant loss that it has made for 4Q2017 on or before 28th Feb 2018. I am currently holding on to 1800 shares of Design Studio bought at a price of $0.538 inclusive of fees. So currently sitting on a loss.

They previously reported for their 3Q2017 a decrease of revenue 9%. We shall see how it all pans out for them and for me. Do comment or share with me any suggestions or feedback.


  1. I posted on your older post about design studio. I highly doubt they can paid the same amount of dividend and exited.

    from the lastest news,I don't think they are able to give any dividend at all.

    1. Yup, I read ur comment on my previous post. Mmmm, yeah, their loss seems to be significant and substantial

  2. heng sold at 54c, see their bs getting worse,