Friday 16 February 2018

Investing with Angbao Money

I have read on various post showing that investing the money from angbaos collected during the new year for your child can benefit them in the long run due to the power of compounding. I will be showing how if I were to save my angbao money and invest them from the beginning, how much I would have earned. Since I am 23 years old this year, moving backwards would mean that I started receiving angbao on 1996 as I was born on Mar 1995 which is after CNY during 1995.

Assuming an average yearly angbao amount of $300 in total and having invested them in a RSP, this is what it will look like:

With what has been calculated above, the total amount that I would have gotten would be $7407.15 (Current value estimated) plus dividends of $856.36 with an input of $6592.98.
That would mean a profit of about 25% of the capital placed inclusive of unrealised profits + dividends. This is a pretty profitable investment and I believe that it can be continued. 

This is really a rough guide as I haven't included fees but this is a good way to spend your angbao money and I wouldn't mind trying it out for my child next time! Here's wishing everyone 新年快乐 and HUAT ah!

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