Sunday 1 April 2018

Singapore's Housing Future: Co-living?

I have just completed my assignments and quizzes for the past few weeks and I do have one more assignment and exams before my holidays. But I am glad and a little more relaxed right now. Today, I just saw this video, didn't get to read the article as it is a premium article (ahem, meaning that I got to pay to access it) but the video was kinda enough to let me know the main gist of what they were writing about. I also found another article that describes co-living in Singapore and is about the same company mentioned in the video. The link is here

 So, the video is about millennial co-renting a unit where each person would have their own bathroom while the kitchen, living room and toilets are shared spaces. It was also mentioned in the video that about 5% of the clients renting from the companies are Singaporeans so currently there are still a larger proportion of foreigners who are using this compared to Singaporeans.

When I saw this video coupled with a few other things that I have observed from, I can start feeling Singapore's constraints on our land space. I feel like Singapore is slowly becoming like Hong Kong in terms of our properties.

I stay pretty close to the MRT station, walk-able distance and there were some undeveloped land around there however, over the years, I have realized that all the land have been scooped up by private developers and converted to condominiums. The amount of HDB flats being build to close proximity to MRT stations have significantly reduced for my area. Of course, I do hope to have a property to call truly my own in the years to come. Well, our government have set leases to make sure that they would have land to redeveloped over the years. The future is always uncertain so let's just work hard and see how things go! Wishing all a Happy Easter Day!

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