Sunday 14 October 2018

Is a Recession Heading our Way, Updates on My Life as well.

So I was having dinner recently with my aunt and uncles, then the topic came up about money in the stock market.

My aunt who frequently buys stocks started telling us that a recession will be coming soon.

I was thinking in my head wow, what a thing to say.

Maybe to people who have gone through it before, they do know when it's coming. But to me, I don't really know how to tell if a recession is coming. (Time for more reading up)

I will be graduating unofficially this November, I started my job search awhile back but haven't gotten any replies back except for one or two interviews which I think I didn't make it.

It's pretty depressing, I mean having dinner halfway and your aunt from across the table starts asking if you have found a job and all my cousins are currently working, with only me hanging.

Your mood just drops...I feel like it's not gonna be easy finding a job right now. Will have to brush up on my interview skills and hopefully things will get better.


  1. Cheer up , my friend. Many of us go through the same job hunting period of applying, waiting, interview, rejection and applying, waiting, interview cycle. The difference is if this is an Employer of Employee market, that is all.

    I was watching CNA yesterday and it has a good documentary on hiring where modern day algorithm machines are at work much more than humans. The coy is called pymetrics, go try it , I think it is free for a basic level. DBS Bank uses this to hire their wealth manager and according to them, it is time saving and more efficient.

    However, my 2cents is simple :

    1. IT is not what is used to test a candidate capabilities - be it hard or soft skills needed to excel in the job BUT rather if there is enough choices for one to consider applying the job. What I meant is if you are applying jobs based on your major , then you are pretty much in the queue like most people (your friends in the same batch). What differentiates you from them? Why should the Employer take you and not your friend?

    2. Understanding the macro level - Your aunt is right to a certain extent. Inflation in simple terms means with the same dollar , your purchasing power gets lesser. The costs of one MILO in the coffee shop has gone up from $1.10 to $.140 depending on where you are drinking. Bus fare will be increase, so is electricity and definitely the costs of groceries in the supermarket.
    What remains constant ? Maybe the wages ? So , with same take home pay, higher expenses, more temptation or choices to fulfil, the stress is inevitable as one compare himself or herself with the Joneses. Why they can eat out or travel and I can't?

    I came to the enlightement after searching for jobs for several years (I am in my 40's) and neither hear a phone call nor email reply. So, this is worse than being rejected, haha. You are not even shortlisted in the first place. Why? There can be a tons of reasons. It does not really matter.

    Instead of chasing for more paper certificates or move to another industry that has job potential, I ask myself, what are my interests? What can I do to make a living to support my family? Keep asking, keep trying and listen to your heart coz it would not lie and have the courage and faith to stay on the journey till you succeed.

    I wish you all the best !

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