Sunday 28 October 2018

$1.06 billion JACKPOT! - What would you do?

So recently in the news, it came out that in the United States, someone bought a winning ticket to US 1.6 billion dollars as the prize.

WOW, I wonder how the person would feel when he/she realizes that he has the winning ticket. He would be panicking or maybe scared.

My mum has been an avid fan of the lottery over here in Singapore as well, as like many other Singaporeans. She used to buy 4D quite frequently but nowadays she just buys TOTO and to be honest some times the amount she buys can be a little high for me.

But she tells me that she has the winning ticket dreams, every time she has difficulty falling asleep, she would start think like she has a million dollars what would she get and how she would allocated her money and most of the time, she would fall sleep before finishing allocating. HAHA, what a way to fall asleep.

So for the lottery in US, there are two options that you can choose, either to have $904 million straight up right now or to have $1.6 billion given to you over the spread of 29 years. Which do you think is a better option?

For me, if you feel like you can't handle such a huge sum of money, $1.6 billion over 29 years would be better. But to be honest, 29 years is a long time so maybe getting the $904 million straight up would be a much better option:)

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