Wednesday 10 July 2019


During this year, I have actually come across a few YouTube videos talking about minimalism and also the benefits of being a minimalist.

As explained by

"Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it."

With the world becoming more accessible and things can be purchased easily, we have the impulse to buy things that follow the trend or look good.

Hence we think that having more is best and that buying things equals happiness.

But its not the possession of things that brings us happiness but more of the experiences, relationships and emotions that brings us happiness.

Using the KonMari categories (clothes, books, papers, komono - miscellaneous things ranging from cleaning products to cooking spices and then sentimental items), I will go through and see what changes I can do. 


I am very interested in minimalism because I find that it saves up a lot your time and thinking. For example, you would have similar sets of clothes for everyday where you don't have to think about what to wear the next day and whether or not you look good in it.

I am aiming to slowly move towards leading a minimalist lifestyle as I do feel that material things are really things that provide short-lived happiness unless you will use them often.

Currently, from Monday to Friday, I have a set of clothes that I would rotate and wear and repeat again the next week.

My mum have scolded me on this before as she finds that I am repeating my outfits too often. But since my job doesn't require me to meet clients or to appear on TV, I don't find the need to keep updating my closet. 

Also, during the weekends I just wear a pair of shorts and shirt usually. Of course, many people have told me that dressing up can boost your confidence and at the same time to allow people to have a better first impression of yourself.

But at this moment, I don't find the need to really dress up as long as I look presentable and comfortable, I am okay with it.

However, judging my that amount of clothes in my cupboard, I still quite a lot to clear even though I am only using maybe 1/3 of the amount of clothes inside. 

Books and papers:

I do have quite a lot of paper and books as I just ended my university studies last year and I haven't really cleared out all my old notes and some textbooks.

I sold about 2 of my textbooks on Carousell and have about 3 textbook remaining which I hope can be sold soon as I really do not have much time to meet buyers.

My notes on one hand, are not being thrown away as I feel that they can be used as rough paper which I actually doubt I will use it as I rarely write nowadays. I should really get to clearing them soon.

I also keep a few files which contain the bills, insurance and medical stuff my mum and I gets. I started filing them as we need to keep them neatly for reference. 


For this category, my mum would usually be the one packing it up and of course, this category is the most challenging for me as it is a huge part of the house.

And sentimental items for example gifts from friends and maybe overseas souvenirs would be difficult to dispose of as certain memories are attached to them.

I think it's very beneficial to be a minimalist as it means that you are able to be more aware of your surrounding and more focused at what you want to do.

In the meantime, I came across this channel on YouTube and several of his videos are quite informative.


Matt D'Avella's youtube channel 

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