Tuesday 30 July 2019

July Portfolio updates and some life updates

Portfolio Updates:

July has been another month of no buy or sell action for me except for my regular saving plan with POSB invest saver.

I do feel lazy to read up more on companies and my current watch list of stocks are all at a rather high price except for First REIT.

I am also trying to build up my war chest so that I can deploy a larger sum into the market to allow my commission to be worthwhile. As you can see from my portfolio, my previous buys are all very small lots and it doesn't really make it worth it.

For the month of July, another 57 units of Nikko AM STI ETF (G3B) has been added at a price of $3.423 and a commission charge of $1.64. This bring my total units for G3B to 728 units.

For this month, I received dividend from Nikko AM STI ETF (G3B) and with my current efforts to build it up, I do find that the dividend I received from it is pretty substantial. And I can see my dividends compared to 2018 increase.

Dividends received in July:

 Nikko AM STI ETF = $40.40

Upcoming dividend in August:

Singtel = $53.50

My portfolio looks as follows with total portfolio value: $12, 947.34 (as of 26 July 2019)

Life Updates:

July has been a busy month for me as 2 of my colleagues left and only 1 new person was employed to cover so I have handling a pretty heavy workload but I have since passed some over to the new person.

But overall, I am getting to the routine of my job and do kinda enjoy it to a certain extent as long as things don't screw up. I was actually pretty affected when 2 of colleagues told me that they were leaving because I was really close to them as we joined almost at the same time.

One of them left to join a sales job and the other decided to further her studies. I do feel happy for them but was sad that I wouldn't have my usual close friends around in work.

After about a few weeks though, I met another colleague from another department as we had some things that we had to work together on. We clicked pretty well and I am just glad to have someone whom I can ask for a walk or to tell my work troubles to. HAHA, other than that, all is going well in my life:) Looking forward to the long National Day and Hari Raya Haji weekend!

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  1. Hi,

    For the purpose of (investment) position sizing, it might be good to set rules to buy / sell stocks of a specified absolute amount / range so that your trading commissions (as a small percentage of your position) will not significantly erode the returns you have.

    For your (job) position, it is good that you are happy in what you are doing. All the best in both areas.