Sunday 3 March 2019

Portfolio Update and Dividends received in February 2019

In February, 59 units of G3B (Nikko AM STI ETF) was added to my portfolio through the RSP with POSB invest saver.

With this, my total portfolio now looks like this.

Design Studio has been a huge pull down for my portfolio, with more than a 50% drop of price.

I bought it with a greed for dividends and did not do much research into it. I do regret it and it is the one stock that has pulled down my portfolio by sooo much.

Overall, my recent purchase of Far East Hospitality Trust and CapitaRetail China REIT has performed well and it will increase the dividend rate of my portfolio.

SGX has also gone up by quite a bit. 

For now, I would be building up more cash first before expanding my portfolio.


In terms of dividends this month, I have received $15 from SGX, $28 from STI ETF and $21.5 from First REIT. 

With that, my total dividend for the month is $64.50. The beginning of the year have more dividends compared to the mid year where my dividends would drop.

I have been unable to post my blog's link on my Facebook page hence I would need to copy and paste my whole article onto the page now.

Not too sure on how to resolve this problem.

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  1. Nice stats there. Happy trading. Wish you make more from your trading!!