Thursday 7 March 2019


Recently, while reading smellingfreedom, i came across these 2 terms, LeanFIRE and FatFIRE.

I find it pretty cool to know that FIRE can also be further divided.


leanFIRE is to retire as early as possible with the minimal amount of money possible.


fatFIRE means to live a FAT FIRE lifestyle. In most cases this does not mean they want to buy a Porsche and lots of diamond rings, but rather that they would like to have enough money to be able to afford to travel or pursue their hobbies.

This means that to achieve fatFIRE is much more difficult as a higher amount would be needed.

So whether you are aiming for a fatFIRE or leanFIRE, it really is up to your spending habits and how you want to be living which can affect your goal.

Most people would think that they can lead a leanFIRE lifestyle but there are many other cost that can make you require a fatFIRE for example, I like going out to nice restaurants to eat and at least once per week I would do this.

So, would a fatFIRE or leanFIRE be fitting for you? 

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