Monday 25 March 2019

Being a contract worker - Know your entitlement

Being a contract worker means that you are not able to enjoy the full benefits of the company.

Also, you lose on bonuses as only a completion bonus might be paid for contract workers.

So when I became a contract worker, I was actually also confused as to what I am entitled to and what should I be fighting for if it wasn’t given to me.

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It is also confusing for contract workers as the work period can range from just a few months to a few years and the calculations can be pretty messy.

I came across this article recently and I think it is really helpful for people who are planning to get into a contract job to know at least what you should be getting.

So there are a few points being mentioned:


According to MOM, if you have worked for at least 3 months with a company, you should be entitled to leave.

Your leave should also be pro-rated if you work less than a year.

It is also mentioned that 7 days of annual leave is the bare minimum you should get.


So because you will need to work at least 3 months before being eligible for leave and so some companies would give you a 3 months contract after which to give you another once the first one ends.

However, if the company gives you a new contract after your old contract within a month, it should be treated as one continuous contract and you would entitled to leave.


It's different being a contract worker as the benefits you get is not the full package like the permanent staff and of course, you do feel like you are losing out.

With that being said, there are really a huge number of contract jobs nowadays as companies look to employing staff on a short term basis.

I do wonder when I would be able to get a permanent job. Because as a contract worker, it really does cast a huge uncertainty in your future especially when your contract is about to end and your boss doesn't say anything about extending your service.

As for now, I would just work hard on the current job and gain more experience.

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