Wednesday 27 March 2019

My mum resigned from her job, whats gonna happen next?

So my mum just tendered her resignation last Friday. To be honest, I never expected her to resign so soon.

I think the stress building from her new boss and change of working style has really gotten to her.

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She still doesn't have a concrete plan as to what she will be doing but as she turns 60 years old this year, she wants to take a break and have good rest.

Of course, if possible, I like her to enjoy her time but for now, with my amount of pay, it is not really enough for us and her savings to be honest is not as sufficiently as I feel it should be.

So she might have to find a part-time job or a temporary job after this year.

Before she tendered her resignation, my mum told me not to worry too much and that she just wants a break from her work as recently, it has taken a toll on her body.

Like for example she isn't able to get to sleep at night and also in office, she is under quite an amount of stress.

I do feel for her and with my younger brother still studying and me with a contract job, I am kinda worried but I guess we will have to see how it goes from here.

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Moving forward, my mum would also say that in terms of expenses, we would also need to budget and weekends would not always consist of us going out for good food as well.

Overall, I think it would still be manageable except that my mum would need to do less shopping on her side. HAHA.


  1. temp job and with cpf, should be able to get pass the days.

  2. its better to leave than getting burn out or die from stress related illness later. speaking from experience. I had been on temp and part time jobs for the 5th year but I am happier.

  3. Hi, yah... health is more important than everything,if your mum is really stress on her job,better to take a break and as u said may be work part-time for time being to adjust n get through this eventually by adjusting some of the expenses. Hope 明天会更好。 Cheers! All the your investment. :D

  4. Health is wealth, hope everything works out well for u