Thursday 21 February 2019

Losing a fellow comrade at work

A few weeks back, my mum told me that her boss has been assigned to another country and that he was considering to maybe take up that position.

Maybe some back story first before continuing, my mum and her boss were the first 2 employees for the Singapore office and so they both have always been around for quite long and he is the director of the Singapore office.

While my mum is somewhat like a PA or secretary.

Of course, over the years, they have quarreled or argue but he was willing to teach her and also to help her so my mum grew pretty close to him.

However recently, a new person from the India office has started to take over the Singapore office and my mum's boss was first demoted.

He was okay with it as it meant a lesser workload however he received a call and the company gave him 2 options, either to relocate to an overseas office or to quit.

And so, he decided to quit.

He didn't let my mum know until today when he is already leaving next week.

My mum is very affected by it as he is the only one who stayed in the company with her all these years.

All of other colleagues have left with new ones coming in.

But I guess this affected her much more because he and her were the original members of the Singapore office.

She told me that she cried every time someone talked to her in the office.

I guess she was actually planning to quit as well when she heard that he would be leaving.

I hoped to help her as well since I have started working but of course, with my salary right now, i don't think she can quit.

My mum has been for a few years wanting to retire. But right now, she's not too sure either.

We shall see how everything goes.


  1. I too have been through a very similar experience in the past. It does feel a lot infact it hurts us. But this is all life. It happens. Let's move on.

  2. you're right. you have to live on. life brings various surprises