Thursday 7 February 2019

Time to BTO!

I recently met up with my polytechnic friends as well as my university friends.

In those 2 group, there were individuals who have applied for a BTO unit with their significant other.

One of them have even successfully gotten a BTO unit.

When I first heard about their plans, I was like wow.....we are all getting old now. And that they are really planning for their future.

I mean I met my polytechnic mates when we were all just 17 years old so every time I meet them there is that impression that we are all still young.

But right now, we are already 24 years old and some of them have signed on to the army or are starting to work like me.

BTO was the next thing for them after getting a job.

Of course, my friends who have applied or gotten a BTO unit have already dated for number of years and are more or less gonna get married to their girlfriend or boyfriend.

The process is pretty long, from choosing where you want your future house to be to balloting and then to wait for the flat to be build.

One of my friends who has already a unit mentioned that they were actually the last few queue numbers to get a unit hence they were not expecting to get a good unit.

However, when they went in to choose their unit, they realized that there were actually quite a number of empty units meaning that the couples either did not want to follow through or that they could have broken up.

She feels pretty rushed after getting the unit as she has to be engaged before the flat is ready and her boyfriend is currently planning a wedding photo shoot before having the actual wedding. 

No matter what, I think it is great that young couples are able to get their own flat even though balloting for a unit is not that easy but it at least is an avenue for couples.

For me, if I continue to be single, I would need to wait till when I am 35 years old before getting a resale HDB flat as I don't think I would be getting a private property.

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  1. Getting a flat after job is a big concern for most of us. I agree to what you have said - I think it is great that young couples are able to get their own flat. Yes, it really is a great comfort!!

    Nice to know about your friends getting so comfortably into BTO unit.