Tuesday 19 February 2019

Dividends received in January 2019

Another pretty overdue post as I realised that I haven't posted about the dividends received in January 2019.

So for during January 2019, I recieved dividends from Singtel and Nikko AM STI ETF.

I received $34 from Singtel and $18.85 from Nikko AM STI ETF.

This bring my total dividends received in January 2019 to be $52.85.

Comparing to 2018 in January, where I received about $18.85 which was only from my Nikko AM STI ETF.

So with the addition of Singtel to my portfolio, I have increased my dividends received.

However, with the drop of Singtel share price, my overall profit for Singtel is still in the red.

But I would still be holding onto it.

For upcoming February 2019, I should be expected to received dividends from First REIT, STI ETF, SGX and Capitaland Retail China Trust.

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1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on receiving your dividend. Hopefully February 2019 should be a much better period for you. Keep it up!!