Wednesday 13 February 2019

Dividends collected in 2018

A late update on the total amount of dividends I have received in 2018. So in 2018, drum roll..........I received a total of............

$273.05 of dividends from my portfolio.

Not much but of course this was the year I entered the stock market and so I am pretty happy to see some dividends coming in even though my portfolio is still in the red.

I have read many articles mentioning that you should first build up a substantial amount of money first or to increase your income before getting into the market to prevent commission charges from eating up your profits.

And I do find that somewhat true so for 2019, I would be making transactions in bigger amounts to make the commission charges more worth it.

So I recently also started working and have a DBS multiplier account so for the year 2018, you can see that I did not receive dividends for the month of May and September.

However with the recent transaction of Far East HTrust, the dividends might be in May and September it depends meaning that it would help in achieving of the criteria for investments for the DBS multiplier.

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Definitely, I would like to increase my dividends every year. For 2019, my projected dividends according to SGXcafe is around $470.

This increase is mainly due to Singtel being added late last year and also Far East HTrust added just last month.

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Hoping to grow my portfolio much more this year but of course, only when the time and prices are what I think is fair.

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  1. $273.05 of dividends - Well, that's really good in my observation. Atleast you made some money. Keep it up. Happy Trading!!