Thursday 14 February 2019

Buying without looking at the price tag

My friend and I talked recently as we both just started working.

So we asked each other what our ultimate goal of working shall give us.

He told me that he hope he would be able to like treat his friends at a restaurant or buy things without looking at the price tag.

Well, that would be crazy but at least it is something that he is aiming for and it’s really nice of him to think of the people around him enjoying as well when he becomes rich.

Many people want to achieve financial independence for certain reasons, maybe to have more time to spend with their loved ones or to start something that they always wanted hence retiring early.

I read somewhere that why most people want to achieve FIRE is because they have that FIRE (interest) in them to want to do things that interest them. 

And being financially free would give them much more time to cultivate or grow that FIRE in them.

For me, I would like to be financially free as in that I would continue working but not for the sake of money.

When I met up with my secondary school friend recently, she told me that when her friend meet up nowadays, it is always to complain about their work and how tiring it is.

Out of all her friends, she only has one friend who truly enjoys his work and looks forward to going to work everyday.

I mean work really takes up a lot of our time. From being in school, where our time is so flexible and free, we enter the corporate world where we spend about 8 hours (minimally) each day 5 times a week.

That's crazy if you ask me. Especially when you are starting out and the pay is not yet that attractive for you to spend so much time on it.

Back to the point of why I want to achieve FI is not to have the burden of worrying about money.

So for me, the focus is not on retiring yet but being able to be financially free.

Of course, being financially free might have it's own set of problems but I wouldn't know for now. HAHA.

Of course, at every phase of life, we have different commitments and goals and for now, I would like to save and increase my income at the same time.

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  1. Just like you, my plan is to continue working as well. Work (3 different things and counting) that likely won't bring in as much money as my current industry, but definitely something I have huge interest in.

  2. Interesting indeed. I would also like to continue working like you. Thanks for sharing your experience.