Sunday 10 February 2019

Travelling right after graduating

My exams ended on Oct 2018. Many of my friends started travelling after that and many travelled to a few countries at once.

Some went to Europe and also to more expensive countries rather than like Thailand or neighbouring countries that are more affordable.

I think it is good to be travelling when you are young as you have more stamina and are up for more risky activities.

My friend's cousin for example took a loan from her parents after she graduated to travel around Europe for a month and after she came back, she started work and slowly start to pay her parents back the loan that she had taken.

Many young people of my age nowadays place a huge emphasis on travelling as it allows them to explore different cultures and also to be in a different environment as we seek more spiritual than materialistic experiences.

I remember my mum telling me that travelling was not a thing for them when they were young.

She only started travelling after quite a few years of work.

She told me that she had a few savings plan when she started work and when the payouts came, she would spend them on her travels.

For my brother as well, he has a scholarship to study overseas and in the short 6 months, he has travelled to numerous countries.

He definitely is enjoying himself and all along, he finds it very interesting to explore different countries. 

For me, when I graduated from polytechnic, I did went on a graduation trip with my classmates to Krabi.

It was pretty fun and to be honest, we still talk of the things that happened on that trip.

However, nowadays, it is pretty difficult to organise one as we are all busy with our own stuff.

After I graduated from university, I did not fly overseas and instead started work after about 3 weeks of break.

I am a super lazy person and to be honest, a rather boring person as well.

When we travel as a family, my mum and brother likes to maximise the time in a day and to explore as many places as they can.

For me, I usually like to laze in the hotel room and eat takeaways which to be honest is the worst travelling companion anyone wants. haha

But of course, I enjoy travelling but am lazy to do bookings for accommodations, transport and to plan the itinerary so I like travelling with people who can do it all.

Of course, after starting work, travelling for many is a break from the daily routine and to be able to fully relax and explore so I do have a trip planned out for this year but for now, I hope to fund some trips for my mum as she loves travelling with her group of friends recently.

What's kind of travelling do you guys like? Do you like scenic or shopping destinations?

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  1. Hi,

    I've travelled a grand total of zero times for leisure since starting work 5.5 years ago lol, so don't feel compelled to conform. As for leisure travel, I don't see why you should cram your activities, kind of defeats the purpose of relaxing and recharging on holiday.

    I, like you, prefer holidays that are slower paced and relaxing.