Thursday 28 February 2019

OT work life - feeling drained

I have been working overtime for consecutively a week now except for Sunday.

It's tough when work takes up so much of your time. This explains for the lack of blog post this week.

I have been working till about 1030/11pm as there is data migration going on in my company.

This means that when I reach home, I bathe and after drying my hair, I get to bed right away as I am sooooo drained.

Waking up the next day is tough as well as I find myself not getting enough rest the day before.

I have so many miscellaneous stuff at home that I haven't been doing like filing my mum's bills and packing the house.

I am complaining but I know so many people who have been living this lifestyle for a few years.

I can't imagine how they can stay up to do work till so long, although I got to admit that when you are busy, time flies!

Going back to the office on a Saturday was a first for me and it really made me appreciate my weekends.

I do get the feeling that work will never be done as every single day there are things to follow up and new things to be updated.

This is work life I guess. 


  1. I must say I can empathize. The "morning dread" is one of the reasons that prompted me to start a formal FI plan.

    Best of luck!

  2. Have a red bull when you are reading my comments as you need a clear headed mind, haha. I am blessed as I am a believer in work/life balance and so are most of my ex-bosses so even if I want to (when i was in sales), they would chase me out of the office so I could have a decent social life. It is necessary and important to have a career review from time to time and assess where is your current position. Are you heading where you are going? If not, make plans, take actions , adjust your strategies accordingly. Going blindly, leading day by day like a zombie (too many in the daytime in MRT) is not a good sign. Have a word with your boss about the current OT. Is this temporary? Possible to come in an hour or so later to start work ? Many a times, employees are too afraid to open mouth and ask the boss for fear of being "marked" (again, not a good sign) or out of job. If you know your values and skills well, then you need not worry about which company is using it. Take care