Thursday 15 August 2019

Hongkong Land Holdings Limited (H78.SI) - To buy or not to buy

I have actually been having Hongkong Land Holdings Limited (H78.SI) on my watch list for awhile now however the price has always been above USD6.00

Recently, CompoundingDividendxDividend and Writing of Investing Noob both wrote about Hongkong Land and that they would be initiating or have initiated a position.

For Hongkong Land, towards the end of July, the price for H78.SI slowly dropped. This could be due to it having reported a 63% fall in 1H19 earnings ended June to US$411 million ($568 million) from US$1.1 billion in 1H18. 

Also, due to the current situation in Hong Kong, the protest might bring about worsening demand for office spaces. 

I first added Hongkong Land to my watch list as it has a huge portfolio of properties in which they are the major landlord. The properties are all reputable buildings with good occupancy rates. Singapore properties include MBFC, Citylink and One Raffles Quay.

The parent company for Hongkong Land is Jardine Strategic Holdings (Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited) and it has a subsidary in Singapore, MCL land. 

They have properties in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Jakarta, Hanoi, Bangkok and China all of which are in Asia. And their properties are all good solid properties.

With the current rice of USD5.45 (8 August 2019), it is looking rather attractive with a dividend yield of 4.04%. 

With the price of USD 5.45, I actually am really considering to buy in however, if u have read my recent post, I am trying to have at least $9000 per buy action and definitely I do not have that amount right now. I might wait till the end of the year to see before I initiate any buy action. 

I would also like to observe the protest in Hong Kong for awhile more. It doesn't seem to be stopping unless the government comes out to address the many issues that Hong Kong are facing. And whether China would be taking any action.

To slowly build up my funds, I would wait till 2020 before I really action on any buying.

This article is not in anyway encouraging you to buy and I myself am not yet invested in H78.SI. 
Dyodd before proceeding.


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