Tuesday 27 August 2019

My current watchlist - but warchest is not robust enough yet

As the stock market drops due to various events happening, certain stocks have become more attractive. For my current watch list, some stocks have reached a particularly attractive price.

I will be putting down some of the stocks that I am watching currently and hope to buy soon. Of course, do note that it is not an advice to buy and I am not yet invested in any of the below mentioned stocks. Do your own assessment / research before embarking on any .


DBS, OCBC and UOB is everyone's favourite with DBS being discussed the most. For me, OCBC is a much better choice as it recently fell below $11.

This means that it provides a dividend yield of 4.52% based on the current price of $10.63.

TheFifthPerson: 11 things to know about OCBC Bank before you invest (updated 2019)


STI ETF has been in my radar as it is now at a price of $3.15, this gives a dividend yield of about 3.81% which is rather attractive.

My first stock was Nikko AM STI ETF which I purchased through POSB invest saver.

However, if I had the choice with POSB invest saver, I would want to buy into SPDR STI ETF. however there was no such option. But I did buy some in Aug 2018 at a price of $3.28 so with the current price, it looks good for me to average down. 

3. Hong Kong Land

You can read more on a post I wrote previously: Hongkong Land Holdings Limited (H78.SI) - To buy or not to buy

For me, I am not looking for the lowest point to buy in but because my cash (war chest) on hand is not much and I would require some time to accumulate. We would see how things progress.

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