Tuesday 6 August 2019

To get a iPhone XR ($850) or to change battery for my existing phone ($69)?

August will be when I complete my original 9 months contract for my job. I receive my contract completion bonus and I am thinking of getting a new phone.

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Of course, when I first knew that I would get a completion bonus, I was thinking of saving it to my war chest and to deploy when time is right but because I recently lost my iPhone 8 and I am using a iPhone 6 Plus from my uncle.

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It is all good except that the battery life is really bad and it can drain within half a day and it is quite slow when opening apps. But I am also considering to just change the battery at the Apple store for $69 dollars as I feel that I can still survive with this phone as long the battery life can be better.

I am still thinking and figuring it until on Thursday night, on the way back home my phone blacked out on me. That was when I thought that I really need to change my phone.

So I am also leaning towards getting the iPhone XR at $850 which will be not from the apple store but a pretty reliable mobile shop that my mum got her google pixel from.

I am leaning towards the iPhone XR as it is cheaper than XS and X. My aunt has the iPhone XR and I used her phone before and it was pretty good.

I like to get a new phone as well as I will be traveling and I wanna have some nice photos. Currently, the quality of iPhone 6 Plus is not very clear. So I don't take photos as often as I did previously.

So I think I will be getting the iPhone XR 😉


  1. Just change the battery in SimLim or buy a xiaomi

  2. Why not give yourself a challenge - buy the new phone only when your passive income is sufficient to cover the cost of the new phone?

    You use this way to motivate yourself to save and invest more.

    And it works for us.