Monday 8 April 2019

Losing my iphone 8 - what a bad experience

I lost my iPhone 8 over the weekends on Saturday morning. So what happened was that I was wearing a pair of shorts with pretty shallow pockets and I placed my phone in it.

My mum and I was walking towards the bus stop when we saw the bus that we were going to take so we ran for the bus and my phone could have dropped out during this time.

Another way is that maybe on the bus when I sat down, the phone could have dropped out of my pocket.

I only realised that I lost my iPhone when we were having lunch. I called my phone and the call ended, that was when my mum and I knew that someone might have taken my phone so I immediately called Singtel at 1688 to terminate my line.

I was still feeling positive during then as I thought that there might be a chance of getting my phone back.

But after terminating my line, I rushed back home and used my Macbook to locate my phone using Find My Iphone.

And my phone was turned offline meaning that someone had offed my phone. This was when I started feeling like my phone is not gonna be returned to me because I was unable to view it's location.

I on the lost mode that was available on the app and also the play sound option meaning that once the phone gets connected to internet, a message would appear with a number and a sound would also be played.

So we then went to Singtel Store to get my replacement SIM card and then to make a police report.

I am currently using a spare phone but through this experience, I find your phone number so important because I do have banking apps in my phone and also other important data which I am scared it would be extracted out by the person.

I have erased all data from my iPhone which is an option in find my iPhone, and I think this is a great function of it.

Feeling a little down as this iphone 8 has been with me for about 1 and a half years, it was pretty good and I thought it was gonna last me a long time before I change to a new phone.

It is also my first time losing a phone so I am pretty panicky and did not know what to do. 

This just shows how vulnerable I can be without my phone. Hopefully I have disabled in time and no major data would be taken out from my phone.

This period hasn't been good for me and I feel like I am often tired and drained out. Hopefully things can get better from now on.

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  1. This is really shocking and sad. Losing your phone can be a big nightmare. I too have been through a very similar experience in the past. It feels so terrible and panicky. Hopefully, you should be able to trace it out soon. All the best!!