Wednesday 17 April 2019

Communication skills in the workplace matters so much!

After officially working full-time in a job for about 5 months, I have realized the importance of being able to communicate effectively.

Being able to communicate effectively can give people the impression that you know your stuff well and that you are working hard.

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For me, I am rather introverted and would choose not to say anything in meetings.

Also, i realized that when my boss talks to me, I tend to just agree and will not really suggest or explain unlike my colleagues.

In this way, I do feel that I lose out more than those who are able to communicate better as they can give feedback which makes other feel that they have thoughts about their work and have done sufficient research on it.

Communicating with other has always been a problem for me as I take pretty long to warm up to others.

Its takes me awhile before I am able to share what's on my mind and to also be able to share freely.

As my mum has always been strict with me since young, I tend to steer clear with my bosses as I feel that they give orders and I just follow.

But in today's working environment, it no longer so authoritative as employees are recommended to speak up more and share their thoughts to allow the company to improve.

I do feel the need to change and to be a little more outspoken so that people can be aware of my thoughts.

Hope that I can grow and be confident of myself and be able to share my thoughts with people. 

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  1. Great attitude you have. I am really impressed with your thoughts. yes, employees need to be outspoken today if they really want to move ahead in their professional life successfully.