Wednesday 6 November 2019

Meeting up with a financial advisor

Recently, I met up with a financial advisor and to be honest I am usually lazy to meet them as I feel that they will try to sell you products and I find it tough to say no sometimes and I have to like meet them after work or during weekends.

However, I had to meet this advisor as it was related to my company insurance and so he came to my office to talk to me about it.

Slowly during the conversation, we talked about personal insurance and I have actually always wanted to figure out the protection that I currently have.

I do know that I have the basics covered but would like to understand my policies more in-depth. Most of my agents are my mum's agents and to be honest, they don't follow up often.

Since there is an opportunity now for someone to review my policies, I shall give it a try and see how he is with his knowledge.

I do think that it is good to understand the policies you have especially to be sure what you are eligible for based on your plan.

My mum's friend has a history of high blood pressure and recently, she felt very heavy pressure in her that she had a very bad headache.

She went to government hospital for a check and they sent her home instead as they mentioned that she take a rest before deciding if it was severe enough to be hospitalised. Over the next few hours, she couldn't take it as the pressure was getting to her.

She went to a private hospital and after further checks, she needed to do 2 stents and 1 balloon for her heart to reduce the pressure.The doctor asked if she wanted to do a bypass or to do the stents and balloon but as her older brother died in a bypass operation so she opted for the latter.

Her total bill came up to $50 000 including a few nights stay in the private hospital, doctor consultation and the operation. Of course, it is quite a huge sum for her. My mum told me that she could some subsidies but it wouldn't be much as she went to a private hospital and her insurance coverage is very limited as she has no rider.

I was thinking wow, if I was ever in that situation, I would be in debt as I don't even have $50 000 right now. And she needed to pay first before they can process the total subsidies and then refund her if there were any.

I think that really set me thinking as my mum is getting old and anything can happen, so for now, her insurance coverage looks fine as she has listened to her agent and got what she needed early, so now it's my turn.


  1. Private shield plans will be the opener. But they must upsell CI and retirement/endowment plans. Shield plans alone will just eat grass or be asked to leave eventually. Speaking from 3 years' part-time experience in the industry.

  2. Every insurance agent will tell you of the mother/father/sister/brother/cousin etc hosp bill scare tactic