Friday 1 November 2019

October 2019 Portfolio updates + Dividends - Bought some OCBC

October is over and we are now only left with 2 more months before the end of 2019.

Time flies when you work and I realized that this year just flew past. I will reach my first year anniversary of working full-time on 18 November 2019. HAHA, an achievement for me as I really didn't expect myself to stay one year in this job and also to have my contract extended.

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Of course, as the year ends, more uncertainty awaits me and I will need to do something about it as well.

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For this month, I added 100 units of OCBC to my portfolio at a price of $10.65 each. I have been wanting to add bank stocks to my portfolio. And OCBC was at a right price, I will slowly accumulate more but I think I am done with purchases this year as I want to hold more cash on hand.

Office atmosphere has been great so far as it approaches December where the festive mood will lift up everyone's spirit. Our annual Christmas party is well on its way but the toughest question arrives and that is what gift to get for everyone........

Home has been good too but I have slowly realised that my mum and I have slightly drifted apart as I am always tired after coming back from work and we really talk a lot lesser nowadays.


Dividends received:


  1. Hey which app do you use to capture your portfolio? Or do you just use a googlesheets/excel?

    1. Hi, I use a google sheet however, I also rely on investing note to keep track of my stock holdings.