Sunday 5 April 2020

Losing your job during this period

I came across this article by Mr and Mrs Budget recently about what is important right now is job preservation.

And I couldn't agree more to this because judging from the current situation, losing your job right now would mean it will be tough finding another.

Of course, in the article, there were some tips given that can help you keep your job but there are certain industries where headcount had to be cut no matter what due to the industry being hit.

For my cousin, he works in the hospitality line and they have been hit really hard! He now takes a 80% pay cut and works only 1 day per week. As a sideline, he applied to be a temperature screener to earn some extra cash on other days.

He has a housing loan and both his parents are not working at the moment so if this continues long term, he might find it tough.

My uncle, who owns a small cafe, mentioned that so far he has received 10% rental rebate from his landlord, he is waiting for the Monday's budget to see if he will be getting any extra relief. He will have to turn to takeout style to accommodate the circuit breaker measures introduced on 3 April 2020. 

As a contract staff myself, I know that our jobs are at a higher risk of being gone because at the end of the contract period, if the situation is still bad, they can choose not to renew. My contract will end year end and to be honest I do think that if this situation continues till year end which is very likely  as other countries are still struggling and it will take awhile before people really start going out like we used to do every weekend, my contract will not be renewed and I will lose my job too. 

At work, there are a number of us on contract and we do worry if we can keep our jobs, my boss hasn't mentioned about cutting headcount and I guess what we can do now is to work as per normal from home.

With the circuit breaker measures introduced by the Singapore government on Friday, schools will be closed from Wed, 9 April 2020 onwards and everyone is to work from home unless they are under the essential services from Tues, 8 April 2020 onwards till 4 May 2020.

This period will be crucial as contact tracing for the unlinked cases will be done and more cases will likely surface. We saw more panic buying also on Friday way before the announcements were made.

My mum was pretty confused with what was going to be closed and she asked me," Will Uniqlo also be closed?" I told her, " Yes" not that she wants to go shopping but she was shocked. I guess she didn't expect shops to really close, we will also be packing back much more as no dine-in will be allowed in food establishments.

Ending this article with something by PM Lee on Friday, "But if any country can see this through, it is Singapore. We have the resources. We have the determination. We are united. By helping one another through this, we will prevail, and emerge stronger."


  1. Just curious to know why did you take a contract role. Is it cannot find a permanent or the contract role had opportunities in doing something you want to do..

    1. Hi, I studied a different course with what I am working as right now. I wanted to enter the corporate world and so I took up the contract job as it offered me a job in the department that I am interested in :)

    2. I see. Do update us with your contract. I am considering contract (from a perm job) to get out of my toxic place and also into a more stable company. But I am not sure what happens after one year as there is no guarantee

    3. Hi! I will definitely be updating my status. However, I think considering the current situation, it will be difficult to get a perm job. My colleague at my current workplace also quit her previous perm job for a contract position. It was a gamble and carried an amount of risk.

      If the contract job is something you like and want, you can give it some thought. I am not sure what liabilities/responsibilities you have and what age you are. So you will need to give it some thought and assessment. Thanks for reading my blog!

  2. Hi there, I just had another contract job offer at a rather stable company as they are undergoing digital transformation. But my career luck is not very good and I need to improve on upping political game in office. So I am worried if I make the switch from perm to contract, my contract may not be renewed or no conversion. They did mention that conversion usually happens after 1-2 years but no guarantee also as it is not written in the contract. The job is something which is a change from my current role and is something which is growing in my industry. As to liabilities I have managed them well so I dont have cashflow issues for long term. It is more of my employability if I am not converted and have to relook for a job. Current resume is quite hoppy of around 2 years per job.. :(