Friday 29 May 2020

May 2020 Portfolio and Dividend Updates

May 2020 is coming to an end and the circuit breaker is also ending too as we go towards a less strict opening on 2 June 2020.

We will still not be able to dine out :( but we can now visit grandparents or parents however only 2 people from the same household will be able to do so.

After staying at home for such a long time, I am pretty used to it and I will not be visiting my grandparents so soon as my mum would prefer for us not to have too much interactions to prevent the risk of spreading.

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Porfolio and Dividends:

Received $15 from SGX as dividends and in June, will receive $28 from OCBC and $19 from First REIT. Expecting dividends to drop pretty a lot this month as I hold quite a few hospitality and retails REITs. Shall see how it goes. 

In May 2020, my ETF RSP with FSMone bought 47.6774 units of Tracker Fund of Hong Kong Index (2800) at a cost of HKD 24.95 each.

3.0021 units of Vanguard Total World Stock ETF (VT) was bought at a cost of USD 69.595 each. Through this RSP, I can slowly see the effects of accumulation, though the portfolio is still having a loss of about 7% as I entered into it around December 2019 when prices were still pretty high and so the average price of my holdings are quite high.

I really like this idea of monthly payments as it really just takes off the thinking and frees up my mind though when I see times like 23 March 2020 when stock prices went way down, I wished my RSP was buying on that day HAHA.

For my RSP, I am making the switch from buying STI ETF (ES3) to Tracker Fund of Hong Kong because when I started in 2016 with my RSP with POSB invest saver, STI ETF was at a price of $2.80 and now it is about $2.538. Both the graph shows quite a similar pattern except that Tracker Fund of Hong Kong has a little more huge fluctuations and much more buying and selling volume.
The Tracker Fund of Hong Kong though at Oct 2016 was at a price of about HKD 24 and currently is at a price of HKD 23.10 due to recent news that Beijing will tighten their grip on HK by having a new security bill has seen better growth and higher highs of price over the period from 2016 to now.

Also because the HK market holds significantly larger companies as you can see from the image below though both HK and Singapore are heavy on Banks.

Although that being said, there will a lot of volatility in HK as protests are set to resume and with Beijing going on to tighten their grip on HK with the new bill and giving more power to the leaders, there will definitely be rebuttals from the people and we already saw how bad their protests can go from last year's demonstrations. 

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I am also having a change of strategy in my investments. Previously, I wanted to create a dividend portfolio and focused mainly in the Singapore markets, however recently I have been reading and watching the US markets and difference between the stock prices are huge in just one day.

With that, there can be huge profits and huge losses, with me still being young, I can take the risk as I do not have many dependents and I also want to enter the US market to try it out.

Will do some updates once I start, I will most likely use my FSMone account to purchase US stocks as well. 

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It will be June next week and the circuit breaker will be ending, with that, more people are expected to go back to work especially those that require machinery or systems in the office. Dining in will still not be allowed so eating more at home will still go on. Stay safe and take care! 

 Information published here are purely opinions or feedback and should in no way be taken as guaranteed. Readers are encouraged to do their due diligence by doing sufficient research before making any decisions based on materials on this blog. 


  1. For longterm RSP buy & hold, can just go with 2 ETFs for S&P500 and Nasdaq100.

    Tech, e-commerce, cloud, online ecosystems, etc are becoming a bigger part of the US economy (and accelerated by Covid).

    The top 5 companies in S&P500 make up 20% of the index, and 4 of the 5 companies are either tech or e-commerce or social media. Berkshire is the only non-tech one (but has large commitments in Apple & Amazon).

  2. Hi, do you receive dividends from these 2 overseas ETF in fsmone?
    Why these 2 in particular?

    1. Hi Bryant, I chose VT as it is a world stock ETF and Tracker Fund of Hong Kong covers China as well. Also, as they are both in the focus list of FSMone hence I am able to create a ETF RSP with them.

      Both of them pays dividends but for VT, there is a 30% withholding tax on dividends as it is a US listed stock.

    2. Is there any actions investors need to do with the withholding tax on dividends? Or everything is automated?

  3. Hi there, chanced upon your blog! Am also on FSMone RSP for STI ETF. Thinking of whether to sell it because it's quite stagnant. May I know if you did sell your STI ETF or simply terminate your RSP for it & retain your holdings? Thank you!