Tuesday 19 May 2020

Work Arrangement Changes Post Circuit Breaker

So on Monday, my boss had a meeting with my team on the arrangement for our work after the circuit breaker. For my team, one person will need to be in office everyday and the rest will be on hybrid or work from home.

As some of my colleagues do have pre existing health conditions which means they are of higher risks, they were excluded from going back to the office.

So we had to choose the ONE who would return to office everyday and guess what, it is me.

Well, I kinda volunteered for it as I know that everyone else has really adapted to working from home and I stay pretty near to the office as compared to the rest.

HAHAHAH, I mean we had to really dish out the names within that meeting so there was really an awkward silence before I volunteered myself. I didn't really think through before and after, I realised that I will need to be wearing masks everyday and travelling means expenses will be up.

Of course, it will be on rotation and the first month, I will be the one having to go to the office everyday after which, there will be a switch or maybe it will be mainly hybrid depending on the situation or feedback. 

I will get a reusable mask to use and so far, not too sure what other supplement will be provided but there will be another meeting on it.

After I volunteered myself, I know now that starting 2 June, I will need to travel daily and I am also putting my mum and bro at risk with the travelling involved.

I will need to put in proper steps from when I return home to really ensure that things are kept to a minimum exposure.

With that too, no more waking up a few minutes before work starts and also having no segregation between work and personal as I usually turn off my work laptop then proceed to on my personal one in an instant.

For now, arrangement will be as such and then we can slowly observe and see. I guess this will be the new norm until a vaccine is created. Things are uncertain right now and I am grateful to still have a job.

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