Wednesday 9 September 2020

Are we too picky with our jobs?

So recently, a Facebook post by an employer who interviewed different candidates for a job was taken aback by the request or feedback from the candidates. He concluded that young talents are no longer hungry for a job and finds it difficult to employ Singaporeans. Below is his Facebook post for reference.

As someone who is applying for jobs right now, I have to really say that definitely we do have some expectations of our jobs. For me, I would feel like at least benefits and salary would be of a certain amount, of course, a short post like that does not do any justice to both sides as it doesn't give us the full story. 

Interviewing just 7 candidates and coming to a conclusion like that is a little too generalised as the sample number is pretty low. I am sure many young people are very willing to work hard especially more so if it is something they are interested in. Comparison in Singapore starts young, during CNY everyone suddenly seems interested to know what you are doing and HOW MUCH YOU ARE EARNING. I think this has really made me relate pay to how good a job is.  

But is this really the case? This pandemic has made a lot of people realised that their jobs are not everything and many are trying to create other sources of income as they feel insecure on their main job which can be so easily outsourced or be replaced by a robot particularly through this pandemic.

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I would say that on both sides, it is really not easy. The employer definitely wishes to have someone capable and salary not being too high depending the level of skills and level of the job scope. On the other hand, the job interviewees want something that to them is worth working for and also matches up to their expectations or previous job experience. 

This really depends on individuals and the interviewees need to know what they are looking for and whether are they asking for too much. For me, job interviews are really way to express yourself to your future employers and if you have certain demands to be met, it is good to express it like being honest like applicant F for the employers to be aware. 

Jobs take up a huge portion of our lives and I am sure everyone wants a good job meaning in terms of work and compensation/benefits. 

All in all, I think the whole work during weekends and OT really can drain you out and I think after this whole pandemic, for me, work-life balance really matters a lot. 

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