Saturday 26 September 2020

September 2020 Portfolio Updates and Job Updates

"Wake me up when September ends~~~" Green Day sang this song which is one of my favorite songs, though the meaning of the song is not literally about September, it was written by Billie Joe Armstrong about his father, who died from esophageal cancer in September 1982.

Another month has passed and I guess this month gave me a good news about my job. Since my contract will be ending soon, my boss told me that my contract will be extended, it will come with a pay increase though I am not sure of the amount yet considering this period.  

It comes as some sort of relief but also that being converted to a permanent staff is another long journey as I will have another year as a contract worker and conversion usually will not happen so soon. 

I went for about 2 interviews so far but I realized that I am not able to build on any defining traits/experience/projects and it kinda makes me lose out to others. I do understand that for the employers, they are definitely looking for someone who is able to handle the job and do well.

Otherwise, I am just glad to have some sort of update on my contract. Searching for jobs hasn't been smooth, not much interviews as I am rather fresh considering my work experience to be only a year plus. 

On the portfolio side, another 1.1146 units of Vanguard S&P 500 ETF (VOO) was added to my portfolio and 2.5526 units of Vanguard Total World Stock ETF (VT) was added. Recent prices have dropped for both and definitely wish to scoop some up at a lower price however I will wait for the normal RSP buy date which is the 8th of every month.  

I am glad I started on this RSP and I am seeing some slight results from it. The amount that I am buying every month is not huge and so the snowballing effect is not seen as very obvious at the moment. 

RSP Portfolio since additions were done here:

Units of VOO: 2.2105 (Current RSP)
Units of VT: 22.7889 (Current RSP)
Units of Hang Seng Index: 138.6615 (Stopped)
Units of STI ETF: 352 (Stopped)

Dividends received: 

This month was a good month for dividends as $150 was received from Far East Orchard Ltd (O10), 21.14 from Capitaland Retail China Trust and $18.54 from Far East Hospitality Trust bringing the total for the month to $189.68

The year is going to be ending soon in 3 more months. Its been a tough year and recovery will take awhile. I am grateful for my current situation but I think I can still do much more to improve on it. Take care and stay safe.


  1. May I know why would you choose to stop your STI ETF and HSI index as the price of the index is actually getting cheaper?

  2. Hi FinanciallyFree, I would like to have more exposure to the US markets but I have limited funds and will not be able to buy HSI and STI ETF all at the same time so I chose to stop buying HSI and STI ETF. If I do have extra funds, I wouldn't mind buying them as they do provide dividends.