Saturday 2 January 2021

Review of FSMone app | Reveal of my Entire ETFs and Stocks Portfolio in FSMone App

As most of my viewers are aware, I started with DBS Vickers as my brokerage account for my Singapore stock holdings. As I slowly wanted to buy stocks from other countries, FSMone was one of the brokerages I considered and I like it because of it's simple interface which I am able to access through my mobile easily. So I eventually decided to use it to purchase my US stocks.

With a regular savings plan set up as well, I would think that FSMone app is really one of the easier applications that I have used. They have been updating their mobile app and recently also has a new look. I have a previous video on the old version but today will be with the new look. Today's video will be a review of the app and also a reveal of the stocks and ETF holdings that are in my FSMone account. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Reveal of Stock and ETF holdings (As of 31 Dec 2020)

So as of 31 Dec 2020, the current holdings in my FSMone account amounts to $19,410 with $13,065.22 invested. So it means a total unrealized profit of about $6344.85 which is about 48.56%. I am not showing to show off but I would like to keep a record of my portfolio and also show how the holdings in FSMone account are being presented. My Singapore portfolio in my CDP account is in the red with - $2000 plus so with the profits here. My total portfolio actually only has a unrealized gain of $3000 plus.

Most of my profit as you can see is from Tesla and with it being so volatile like when it dropped to USD 620 a few days ago, my portfolio value actually fluctuates. You can see that most of my US stocks are in the green as I entered during the pandemic period when prices was somewhat low. On the other hand, my HK and SG holdings are in the red still.

Review of FSMone app

In the main page of the FSMone app, there is actually a lot of articles and also information for your reading, I don't really read here but I do find certain information quite useful some times. I have been using the FSMone app for about 1 year now since end 2019. What caught my eye for FSMone was actually the regular savings plan which in 2019 was still gaining traction. Though there were other platforms providing this service, I liked that they had a focus list of ETFs and most of them being the major index ETFs like Vanguard S&P (VOO), the tracker Fund of Hong Kong (2800) and of course, the STI ETF. This review is based on my usage of the app and not against any other apps as I am currently only using FSMone.

Good Points

Previously when I used DBS Vickers to buy SG stocks, I was not able to use an app to track my holdings as SG stocks are held in the CDP account. With FSMone, I like how the holdings can be viewed on one page although I would guess that other brokerages would also have this feature. I also like how they show the profit and loss at a glance with the option of viewing it based on it's current value or the investment amount.

Another thing I like about the FSMone mobile app is that you can put in your buy or sell orders easily and being able to do that through the mobile app is great. It is convenient and fuss-free.

Some improvements

In terms of showing the portfolio value, I noticed that the app only shows the amount of P&L for the day and if there is a feature to show a graph of a time period of the portfolio value, that will be great so that the performance of the portfolio can be tracked and seen clearly through the graph.

Other than that, I find the app as a whole a good app to use for investing. Hope that you guys have found this informative. I hope that you guys have found this video informative and also useful as I explore the features of the mobile application. I do not really utilise the features of the app much except to place orders and to view my holdings. Overall, I would say that it is rather simple for a beginner and the FAQs on the website is quite good. If you do experience any difficulties or have queries, their email for customer service will reply you within 1-3 working days and you can also call them which I feel is really important that they respond to you.

*Please note that the above are my opinions and in no way am I encouraging you to get an account with FSMone. I am not sponsored in anyway and just sharing my thoughts on the application.


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  2. Hi..Got your link while going thru Seedly. Went thru your blog and thanks for its clarity. I am new to stocks and for sometime been thinking of buying some Tesla stocks ever since it was about 420 USD. But procrastinated. No regrets anyway. There is always another day. Would it be OK if I could ask you for some simple opinions regarding buying US and UK stocks thru FSM ?. Thanks. John

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