Friday 15 January 2021

Will you want to be the richest person in the world?

How does it feel to be the "official" richest man in the world? Elon Musk was recently announced to have become the richest man overtaking Jeff Bezos who has been the richest man since 2017. Elon's net worth crossed $185 billion as Tesla stock price skyrocketed.

As always, Elon used his twitter to express his feelings about it with him tweeting, "How strange" and "Well, it's back to work..." He also mentioned that he intends to use half of his fortune to “help problems on Earth” and “half to help establish a self-sustaining city on Mars to ensure continuation of life (of all species) in case Earth gets hit by a meteor like the dinosaurs or WW3 happens & we destroy ourselves” To him, he does not know where to spend the money at as he has not much recreation time.

Let's talk about Elon's life from when he was a child. He was born and raised in South Africa. When he was 12 years old, he sold a simple game called Blastar for $500, it was a game that he created. He was an awkward and introverted child and was severely bullied throughout his childhood and was once hospitalized after a group of boys threw him down a flight of stairs.

He went on to study at University of Pennsylvania where he received dual bachelor's degrees in economics and physics. He was going to study for a Ph.D. in applied physics and material sciences at Stanford University but dropped out after 2 days to launch his internet startup. Elon is really a very interesting guys as he continued to start companies and they did pretty well although he did face some issues with cash flows for SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity in 2008. Elon has a vision in which he is putting it to action, some times when I see people being able to turn their dreams into reality, it is so amazing. In Singapore, we are always chasing after some kind of stability and often miss out on chasing our dreams. With the world changing and needing more innovations, the future generations will need to adapt and really change the way we work and live.

Elon's life was definitely not smooth sailing, same with his marriage where he has been through some separation. But the way he innovates and think is definitely not as simple as it is. Studying psychology always touched on the topic of nature or nurture and which has the largest effect on a person. I would find myself as someone who has kinda low motivation to get things done and being able to persist in times of crisis where Elon has been through needs a lot of grit. Can all these qualities be taught to someone as they are growing up?

To become the richest person in the world is not easy, to have to handle the attention you get and scrutiny on how you are spending your money. Would you want to be the richest person in the world? For me, in my dreams maybe hahahaha

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