Sunday 29 August 2021

How I got 378.98 € worth of Bitcoins through affiliate marketing | Other affiliate marketing/platforms

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which I will earn a small commission from if you do sign up for any of the programs. I share affiliate links for products that I use and am comfortable with. There are many different ways to earn money and I just wanted to share on affiliate marketing and also provide you an overview on how I managed to earn some Bitcoin through it. I am not a financial consultant and neither am I a millionaire so please don't take financial advice from me. Sharing mostly my experiences and findings. Hope you enjoy the video.

Today I am covering a really interesting topic and you can also do the same affiliate marketing with different platforms. So, I will be going through how I did it, which platforms will allow you to do affiliate marketing. As I mentioned in my previous post, I purchased a ledger Nano S to store a portion of my cryptocurrencies and I bought it awhile back in January 2021 but only got to know of the affiliate program in July 2021. They do also have a referral program that is ongoing. So let's dive right into both the referral program and affiliate program.

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Referral Program (You will need to make a purchase from ledger to be in it)

For the referral program, you will immediately be eligible for it after purchasing from Ledger. For me, just a few days after your purchase, you will receive an email from Ledger informing you on your invite link/discount code that you can provide to your friends who will get a 20% off on their purchase. I have successfully referred some people and in turn, you will get a US$25 discount code for every 4 friends you referred to use your invite link/code. 

If you are planning to buy the Ledger Nano X or S to safely store your cryptocurrencies in cold storage, you can (self-plug) use my discount code in my affiliate links tab. The referral program works well and you can get yourself some US$25 discount code if you need. You can maximise the rewards by promoting your discount code together with your affiliate link which I will talk more next.

Affiliate Program (You don't have to buy from ledger to join)

The affiliate program, it seems like you don't have to make a purchase to join it. As per the link, you just have to sign up for an account and you are ready to go. This affiliate program allows you to earn 10% commission depending on what the individual checks out. So far, the commission I have received ranges btw 3 € to 56 €, yes, you heard that right, there was someone who cart out Ledger Nano X (x3) and Ledger Nano S (x5) giving me 56.84 € in commission.

Though the commissions are shown in Euros, they will be paid to you in Bitcoin. My commission rate in July was amazing although I did do some extra effort by informing people on the ledgerwallet that I had a discount code and it would be great if they can use it with my affiliate link. My commission now have really dropped or practically stopped for August 2021 because my 20% discount code has expired and I guess that really affects the usage of my affiliate link.

Also, Reddit is now really saturated with people sharing their codes and affiliate link as the commission is pretty attractive. So if you are planning to get a Ledger Nano X or S, do remember to use a discount code because it is easily obtainable. If you are planning to get a Ledger product, you can use my affiliate link 😉

Criteria for payout

There are definitely some criteria to fulfill before you can be paid. Firstly being that you need to be validated and for that, you have to reach 50€ in commission which is the quota to be eligible for a payout. Next, will be to provide some details of yourself including your Bitcoin wallet and some ID verification. It does take some time for validation (a few weeks for me) and after that you can cashed out your commission in terms of Bitcoin.

It was quite an amazing feeling for me as it is not a small amount for July and was pretty incredible. Although my commission rate has dropped to zero since, I am thankful and really saw the power of affiliate marketing. For those with a strong following or substantial followers, they are able to benefit from it. You can join the affiliate program and generate your own link to start earning commissions when people purchase it:

Other affiliate programs

There are definitely many other affiliate programs out there in Singapore that you might have seen and maybe even heard other bloggers talk about. You might earn rewards not in the form of money but also in the form of free stocks or cryptocurrencies just to name a few. I do only share affiliate links or want my users to sign up for products that I have used and am comfortable with it so let's move right into it.

  • Trading platforms (Tiger Brokers)

I am sure you must have heard Tiger Brokers as with many other bloggers who have also talked about it. I have to say that I was attracted to it's low commission when I first signed up, what more, getting stock vouchers was also one of the attractive portion of it. Besides being able to invest and earn points with it, you can also be rewarded if you share your referral link. The rewards might change so I wouldn't write more but you can find out more from here.

If you do not have a Tiger Brokers account, you can also use my affiliate link and get free share coupled with low commission fees once you deposit SGD2000 and also complete 10 trades.

  • Hodlnaut (Cryptocurrencies)

If you hold a substantial amount of cryptocurrencies namely BTC, ETH or hold stable coins, why not put a portion into Hodlnaut to earn interest on it. I would say that the rates are pretty competitive although not many cryptocurrencies are accepted by them yet. To see the cryptocurrencies/stable coins that you can earn interest on and fees involved, you can refer here. As more people get involved in cryptocurrencies, they will definitely want to have a place to park them and better if you can earn some interest with it.

Besides that, they have most recently brought back token swap to Singapore users. This means you can swap stable coins for ETH or BTC or any of the assets in Hodlnaut, what's even more great is that all token swaps are free. One way is to have a substantial amount of stable coins for example $10,000 of USDC then with the interest (currently 12% APR) earned, you can swap it for BTC or ETH whenever you feel the price is right. I am planning to do that but first, will need to build up the funds.

If you do not have an account, you can set up an account with my referral link to get a USD20 sign-up bonus if you deposit US$1000 in a single transaction. They are also extending their referral program till 11 September 2021 where you can earn USDC 300.

This post/video basically sounds like I am selling something but I find it really rewarding to earn commissions whether in the form of stocks or cryptocurrencies and I believe everyone can easily do so especially if you have a wide network. All you have to do is generate or create your own account and you can start earning as well. Do let me know which are your favourite form of affiliate marketing for example to receive free stocks or in the form of cash or cryptocurrency? Hope you guys enjoy today's video and do subscribe and hit the like button to support and help me reach more people.

Affiliate links/Codes:

► How I Protect My Bitcoin using Ledger (20% discount code): Get your ledger from HERE and you can use this 20% discount code: FRIEND-J2KN82T (Using my affiliate link will help me where Ledger will pay a small incentive that's not from you but from them) - USD$25 discount coupon: THANKS-SHLRTVJ or THANKS-V35SSK5
► How I earn interest on my Crypto (Hodlnaut): Get USD20 equivalent for your initial deposit of at least USD1000 on any of the supported asset by using my referral link
► Where I Buy my Cryptocurrencies ( Referral ID = 350349
► Where I Buy my Cryptocurrencies : Coinhako
► Where I buy my stocks
FSMone Referral: P0364886
Tiger Brokers (Free stock and commission free trades, check out more here)
Interactive Brokers (Open an account today and start earning up to $1000 of IBKR Stock for free!*Terms and Conditions apply)
► Google Pay: v89ph61


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