Wednesday 18 August 2021

Pandemic Anger | How are your emotions evolving?

Came across this article by a writer in TODAY and I find it relatable. Do you find yourself experiencing some form of emotions confusion or like have a more fluctuating moods during this period of the pandemic. I do feel some form of pent up emotions, having to wear masks when out, following extra rules and regulations that are ever-changing and just making our live seem so different from our perceived normal.

I also read another article which talked about having more vivid dreams during this period of pandemic where our lives normally consist of stating at home doing the routine stuff and in the night, our dreams become the exciting one.

Pandemic Rage

Let's move back to the article, the writer mentions that she is normally a cheerful person and does not have an image of being violent or angry but when she was faced with the situation of someone cutting her queue, she reacted a little different than how she normally would. She went on to deep dive on why we feel rage in this period. Besides this article, there are others that also talked about 'pandemic anger' which some people call 'pangey'. Everyone has anger when being threatened, injured, deprived, robbed of rewards and we show it when we have to stand up for ourselves or for those we love. The pandemic has caused extreme disruption of normal daily life and also uncertainty as things change from how it used to be. We find ourselves more enclosed and having more negative emotions or feelings as crisis around the world seems to be compunded and bad news seems to come one after another. We can work to manage our emotions but definitely there are times when we need to release them as it motivates us to fix what is broken and also face what emotions we are facing. I also came across some methods on managing anger and I am also finding ways to manage my emotions (particularly negative) during this period.

How to manage your emotions

  • Acknowledge your emotions/feelings

The first thing is to know that you are angry and be mindful of your feeling, it is all right to be angry. How you respond after acknowledging that you are angry is the crucial part. You can choose to leave the environment that is evoking that anger or face the situation head on but not with anger.

I've learned to do the opposite of the urgency my body seems to be demanding. Instead of rushing headfirst into conflict, I consciously slow down, stop, and return to my emotions. Experts say that acknowledging and experiencing our emotions may prevent them from spiraling out of control. To be sure, in my experience, simply noticing my physical response and identifying the feeling can diffuse the situation enough - Business Insider

  • Talk about it with someone

Sharing your emotions like talking to your friends or family can also help with managing of your emotions. Normally, if you feel upset or have something to share, previously being in the office daily means that you have an outlet to share or maybe at least talk about it when you meet your friends for dinner but with the pandemic, many of us are stuck at home and the number of people we meet every week reduces by a huge proportion. Weekends used to be a huge gathering of family members but now the limit is 5 pax per household and that really reduces a lot of updates and interactions with my extended family.

Of course, you want to share your feelings or emotions with someone comfortable and who is a good listener. No one wants to be dismissed during the conversation. So choosing someone who you are comfortable with is also equally important.

  • Put yourself in the shoes of others

Lastly, besides feeling the anger and sharing it, you can also put yourself into the shoes of others to recognise or acknowledge the opinions of the other party and why they reacted that way. Having empathy is to put yourself into someone's shoes and setting aside your preconceived notions and being open to learning from the experiences of others. Even if you are right, there might be ways you could have been better in reacting.


Negative emotions are not always bad and especially in this difficult period, all if not most of us definitely have felt more isolated or down due to the restrictions or difficulties faced. Having someone to talk to or rely on is important and don't feel shy to seek help if needed. We are tuning in to more frequently to social media and news, if you find that it affects you, have time to shut off and put them away for the time being. Hoping that the world will get over this soon. 

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