Wednesday 4 August 2021

I Quit my Job! | The Great Resignation

There have been many videos on people quitting their jobs especially the younger generation. There are many who share that they are going to chase their dreams while others say that they need a break or others just quitting for a better opportunity. To be honest, most of them seems to have a side income that can provide some form of buffer before they quit. But let's dive more into this "Great Resignation" as how BBC terms it.

What value are you bringing? Since you can now work from anywhere.

A BBC article took results from a Microsoft survey involving more than 30,000 global workers showed that 41% of workers were considering quitting or changing professions this year, and a study from HR software company Personio of workers in the UK and Ireland showed 38% of those surveyed planned to quit in the next six months to a year.

Many of the people who left came as a result of the way their employers treated them during the pandemic. As companies face the tough restrictions and conditions of the pandemic, many had to lay off staff and cut costs, this in turn created stress and workload spike when workers are juggling both in-person and remote work concurrently. Many also experienced blurred lines between work and personal life as working from home became the default. And more so for those who have been working for awhile, with the savings they have amassed, they would rather quit and start over in a totally new industry than remain in a job where they feel under-valued and unheard.

Start chasing after your dreams

Many who quit their job during this period realised that their jobs could be easily replaced with remote working and why not chase after their dreams and if all else fails, they can still look for another job. Many content creators have emerged from this pandemic as people log on more often than ever to media and social platforms. There has been a surge in food channels and also channels that just stream their lifestyle or show them studying.

Annette who was from SGAG mentioned in her video," The deal breaker was when Covid-19 hit and staying home more often means I was out of her normal office routine and had more time to think about life, kinda like I had a chance to free trial all the different factors that she has been considering." She quit SGAG to have more time to pursue her dreams as a musician as previously being a full-time employee means she only had her lunch time and after work hours to side gig which was really tiring and limited the opportunities she had.

Life is short and nothing is guaranteed

Many companies were not able to provide proper measures or protection for their employees and the way the companies treated the employees during the pandemic really determined if they were staying or leaving. Many workers have started to reevaluate their lives after working from home and realising that their jobs can be done remotely without the frequent travelling. Working from home allows flexibility and the main thing is that you are able to spend more time with your loved ones as time spent travelling can be used more efficiently. Companies can just let you go or cut your salary if they are facing tough circumstances or maybe just because the outlook is not good, there is not increment or bonus even if you had work more and harder while at home as the headcount reduced.

Differing opinions and views of employers and employees

As vaccination programs roll out in many countries, companies are also considering bringing their employees back to the office.

In a survey of more than 350 CEOs and human resources and finance leaders, 70% said they plan to have employees back in the office by the fall of this year — if not sooner — according to a report by staffing firm LaSalle Network.

Most companies are also planning to combine both remote and on-site working although most do not have a concrete plan on how they will implement it. Human resources and C-suite leaders expect only 8% of their employees will choose to quit once Covid restrictions are fully lifted while a quarter believe no one will quit (mostly US companies) however on the employees end, career website Monster found 95% of workers are currently considering changing jobs. Separately, Microsoft research found that 41% of the global workforce is weighing leaving their current employer this year. There is a huge divide between the data that the companies are gathering and the real, true reflections/feedback of the employees.

Situation in Singapore

An article from mentions that the workforce in Singapore is the unhappiest one among five countries polled namely, UK, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Total sample size of 5714 was used of which 1014 were employees and employers from SG. 48% of employees in SG are unhappy in their workplace as compared to other countries similarly a high percentage (71%) of Singapore employees mentioned that they felt stressed in the past 6 months amid the pandemic. It's been a tough period with restrictions on masking, travelling and even just being able to go out seems so tough at times. Coupled with job stress or job security, it is definitely not easy to feel relaxed or happy. Overall, mental health and well-being has been of utmost importance during this period as we stay home more and reduce physical communication with our loved ones who were once easily reachable. Our job takes up a huge part of our lives and we need to find a way to derive joy from it. I am still early on in my career and wishing that everyone can find that spark of joy!

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