Sunday 24 October 2021

Does your horoscope affect your investment style?

My friends do like to talk about horoscopes and whether or not we fit in with the behaviours. Some of them don't believe it but some are really staunch on it. For me, I do think it affects a little but how can it be that we categorise a whole group of people based on their horoscope? I am sure each and everyone of us are unique but it is interesting to read on these kind of stuff. So today, to relate it to finance, I will be exploring on how your horoscope can affect your investments. I have extracted some information from various sites and am not a horoscope expert, do take it with a pinch of salt, it is all for the sake of entertainment, hope you like it.


Aries, let's first talk about some of their character traits. People with Aries as a horoscope are usually passionate, hard working, hates procrastination ,bold, confident, certain and dominating. This means the financial actions of Aries are dominated by passion and energy due to their competitiveness to achieve their goals and stick to the plan. Being rather impulsive and risk-taking, Aries tend to be attracted to aggressive investment that give good returns. Hence being rather impulsive, do take precautions in get-rich quick schemes


Taurus are known to be dedicated, patient, level-headed, realistic, reliable and dependable. This means they are reliable and trustworthy. Being practical makes them excellent money savers and earners. They are good at following a budget and are generally attracted to conservative investment avenues with a low risk-return ratio for example real estates.


Gemini are usually described as being curious, a learner, versatile, intelligent, quick witted and generous. They are quick witted and intelligent hence having the ability to save, being curious however means that they lose interest in things pretty easily. They have a wide range of interest which allows them to dabble in many investment options and they may get attracted to risk-taking opportunities occasionally.


Cancers are generally outgoing, hard-working, willing to experiment and family oriented. They are usually huge savers and as they are family oriented, they tend to maintain financial security and provide well for themselves and their family. They are skilful in building up capital and saving. They choose safer and guaranteed investment products.


Leo are big dreamers, blunt, ambitious, competitive and diplomatic, they are natural leaders, charismatic, and they give their energy and wealth freely. Leo might be a little impulsive with money and tend to indulge in luxuries. They might have some issue with saving money but are quite competent managing their finances as they are ambitious and driven to earn for a good standard of living. They look for areas that will allow them to have lucrative income opportunities.


Virgos are usually characterised as being a bit of a perfectionist and has OCD in certain aspects of their life. Being hardworking and practical, this means they are cautious with their finances and are able to build up on their savings as they plan for their future. They do their research being embarking on any investments and move towards conservative, secure and less risky investment strategies.


Libra people are known for their balance and enjoy equilibrium. They are easy-going and are often indecisive and gullible, they also tend to love luxurious things which might cause them to overspend. Though they do spend on luxurious items, they balance it out with hard work and try to find good investments opportunities. They like to invest in creative areas like art.


Scorpios are determined and have leadership skills however they tend to keep their financials a secret meaning that they most likely have a war chest stashed away. They are sharp in their financials and being highly competitive, they usually have a great career with a good source of income. They are patient to find the right opportunities and like high return and high risks but they don't go for every opportunities as they weigh in on the options.


They are happy go lucky and are optimistic. They are also honest, smart and fiercely independent though they are prone to overspending. Similarly to Scorpio, they tend to go towards high risk and high return investments as they tend to be on the lookout for newer and better opportunities.


Capricorn are intelligent and ambitious. Being very practical with their money, they stay within limits and are disciplined with reaching their financial goals. They might seem to be stubborn and stingy on finances since they are practical and disciplined. Not one for impulse buys, their expenditure reflects their success and hard work.


Aquarius are known to be dedicated, hard-working, generous, secretive, creative and intelligent. They are generous and usually are more worried for humanitarian causes than their own finances. They also tend to be rather indecisive when making decisions for their savings and investing.


Pisces are known to be dreamers, kind and compassionate in helping others. They have a unique relationship with money and saving isn't usually the first thing that comes to them. They are usually low risk and hence attracted to low returns investment. I am a Pisces and I think there is a certain degree that is accurate in terms of being usually low risk but I would this also matches with a large pool of people so do take everything with a pinch of salt.


It is just an interesting video I did today, don't think it will relate to all as there are many factors that shape each and everyone of us. Just for laughs and horoscope is always a good topic to warm up with people as we are all interested in knowing more about ourselves. How is your investment strategies like and what horoscope are you? Hope you enjoy this light-hearted video this week.

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