Sunday 10 October 2021

Investing is not just about buying but it is about selling as well | Sharing my sell positions

I have been investing since 2017 and for me, I have made countless buy orders, in contrast, I have only done a handful of sell orders. In fact, I feel that I have some kind of phobia with selling or inertia to insert the sell order even if it proves to be beneficial to the portfolio.

Why buying seems great but selling seems scary to me?

I love buying stocks or cryptocurrencies because it looks great on my portfolio, the number increases and I feel like it adds onto my assets. On the other hand, when I sell, I see my portfolio value drops and it feels like the decrease scares me causing me some fear in selling. This is of course not the right way to think. Some times we sell to secure some profits and that is not wrong, if you have other better investment opportunities, it is always good to be taking profits as it shows that your holdings have grown and proven right. Just as no one can buy at the bottom, no one can sell at the top as well. If you feel that a stock/business has changed in terms of it's business model or is not profitable, taking profit and selling it is the right way to go.

Selling can prove to be a winner in the long run (some examples of my sell actions, both losers and winners)

For me, although I do not have much sell transactions, I will share on the few sell transactions I did. So the first stock I sold for a profit was:

SGX, I bought 100 shares at $7.27 each and then in 2018 after I saw the price went up to $7.57, I sold it off for a profit of $30. This was my first profit taking and after which SGX went soaring high and I regretted selling it although I went back in and bought it back but this was my first experience of selling.

 Next is First Reit, it was actually the FIRST REIT I bought and gave me pretty nice dividends and I wanted to hold it on longer if possible but bad news hits and I just found that the earnings and future direction of the company was not I expected it to be. I bought 1000 shares at a price of $1.205 each and sold it off in 2020 at $0.549. Yup, you saw that right, the stock price just nosedived. But I am glad I didn't hold onto it. I suffered a loss of -$656, if dividends were included, my loss was -$401.

 I also sold off Lemonade Inc, LMND, this stock was a buy position purely based off Chicken Genius and I also sold it off in Feb 2021 when he said he was selling his positions. Not a smart way but I did profit from this sell transaction. I bought 14 shares of it at $106.77 and sold it off at $192.97, this gave me a profit of about $1,207. Although, I did go back and buy 1 share of it at a high of US$150 as I had a few vouchers from Tiger Brokers and decided to just buy that. The price now has also dropped substantially.

 Amara (A34) was also sold as it was just part of the shopping spree where I bought random stocks at a low prices and hence it was sold off as part of a housekeeping exercise. Also cos it is a hospitality stock providing accomadation which I don't think is good for a few years from now. Also, it is such a small holding, sold it for a loss of -$46.

Lastly, I recently sold off Nikko AM STI ETF (G3B) mainly to channel the funds elsewhere which would have better growth, partly also because I have SPDR STI ETF so letting of Nikko AM STI ETF which is similar was done. I sold that for a loss of -$102.33 but received about $344.90 in dividends. Glad I did that as the funds was channelled to 1 Tesla share (USD6745) and some AMD shares (USD95) which have grown since then.

 Do you sell your holdings when you have substantial profits? Or do you just hold onto them as long as their business model and system has not changed? Everyone has different investing methods and there really is no right or wrong as long as you don't LOSE MONEY! 

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