Sunday 26 July 2020

Answering some questions - what brokerage accounts do I use and should you start POSB Invest Saver for higher interest?

Seedly is a great platform to learn about personal finance and investing. I came across some questions asked by the community and decided to answer them using my own experience.

The first question is about a fresh graduate who has about $40,000 on hand and is exploring some long term investments.

Next, a question was asked whether should he/she start POSB Invest Saver for a higher interest rate for DBS Multiplier account.

Lastly, I cover some of the brokerage accounts I have and mainly for Singapore stocks, there is the option of custodian or having them in your CDP account.

Hope that you guys found it informative and do share any feedback or views that you have!

Disclaimer: Information published here are purely opinions or feedback and should in no way be taken as guaranteed. Readers are encouraged to do their due diligence by doing sufficient research before making any decisions based on materials

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