Saturday 25 July 2020

Major Changes at Work - Feeling burned out and tired

Work has been draining and tiring, I am now starting to dread waking up and going to work because of the overwhelming deadlines and workload involved.

Three main separate departments including mine have merged together and we have to learn each other's processes and over time I do think that it will be a great thing for the company as lesser manpower will be required as everyone is considered a master of everything and not so specialized. With learning going on only through videos and call, progress hasn't been easy and some colleagues in the team will be leaving as well meaning more work for those who stay on.

I have been thinking about my work almost every night, scared that deadlines will be missed or mistakes made. I have to admit that I am slow to adapt to changes and with working from home setup, not being able to physically communicate the changes to my colleagues makes it worse.

My company was planning to bring us back to office but as community numbers increase, they have decided to put that on hold. I am grateful to still have a job but the stress from it is really affecting me.

I am afraid of making some mistakes that will cause many downstream impacts, in the meantime, I can only adapt and hope that things will be fine. I have and am exploring opportunities outside considering my contract will be ending Dec 2020 however with the outlook and me only working about 1 year plus, I haven't really got back any replies.

I am learning a lot but the pressure really gets to me due to working late and even on weekends. 5 years down the road, I will look back and maybe this will be something minute in my life.

Really not too sure on how I will continue to cope but I know that I am tired and would like a break if I can afford to. To be honest, if my mum was still working, I would have resigned but considering that she is no longer working now and surviving on her savings, I have to decide on my next step before throwing the letter.

Let's see how it goes the next few weeks or months to come. In the meantime, take care and stay safe as this situation will persist for months to come.


  1. Would it help to feedback on the workload to your manager? Jiayou!

    1. Hey, thanks! My colleagues and I have feedback to my boss but I guess it has been something the management would like to push out and maybe it would be better after adjusting. Will have to see how it goes. Thanks a lot for the encouragement :)

  2. Hi There,

    Can tell lots of people are overloaded in their jobs. Which industry are you in?