Saturday 11 July 2020

My 3 sources of income at 25 years old

During this pandemic many people realize that they cannot just rely on their main/one income alone. Because it can be so easily taken away from them and no one is going to be there to help them fight for them financially and so a second source of income or even a third income stream will help so much especially in times like these. I think what is very important is to realize that your second stream of income can be something that you have always wanted to be doing and that just makes it much more interesting because not everyone enjoys the main job that they’re currently doing.

Example: Malaysian cooking couple become YouTube sensation with over 165k subscribers

In this time and age being able to be flexible and agile is so important because everything is ever-changing and adapting is a crucial thing to ensure survival. 

My second and third income stream for now does not amount to much but I hope that in the future they can help to supplement my expenses or even help me to save more so that I can have a better peace of mind.

Remember that your life is yours and you can take better control of it by making sure that you’re stable or pursuing something you enjoy in your free time beside working on your main job :)

00:20 Why I have more than 1 income source

00:46 The 3 main source of income

01:23 Breakdown of the 3 sources

02:40 Dividends received in 2018 and 2019

03:36 What am I doing to increase dividends

04:11 Conclusion


  1. Great insightful video. I came across your video because I am subscribing to, just so you know where I come from.
    I have a question! I recently started a blog. How long did it take for you to be accepted by Google Adsense? Thanks for your help in advance!

    1. Hi, it took me 6 months to a year to qualify. I think your blog would need to be around for a certain amount of time and visitors. Also, the blog posts need to have a certain number of words, for blogger, there is the monetization via AdSense section that you can sign up for once you meet the requirements. Hope this helps!