Friday 3 September 2021

Let’s talk about the hustle culture

A larger proportion of people are placing a lot of focus on hustling, earning side income or to work super hard to command a higher salary, hustling seems to be the way to success. Came across an article from The Woke Salaryman where it was about how the co-founder hustled in his 20s to slowly building up The Woke Salaryman and slowing down a little in his 30s.

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The concept is pretty good in that you hustle and work hard in your 20s to build up capital and invest before taking it slower in your later years. For me, hustling hasn't been a thing for me as I tend to take things slow. I am usually average or even below average if we were to compare my 'achievements' with people in the same age category as me. So let's talk about the hustle culture.

"Hustle culture means overworking and pushing yourself past your limit to achieve a capitalist goal of wealth and success. In this day and age, hustle culture has become increasingly popular – where productivity, jobs and paychecks are prioritised over mental health, good relationships and happiness. With more people aspiring to become successful, workaholism has become heavily glorified, especially on social media." Taken from

The Woke Salaryman also mentioned that everyone has their own pace, some take it slow while some wants to achieve their financial goals fast. I understand the concept of hustling when you are young because you are at the peak of your energy levels and you can also explore more areas of interest. Of course, building the different sources of income younger also allows compounding to happen earlier and experiment with different style of building wealth.

Why Hustle?

Hustle culture has become more prominent as the younger generation hopes to gain more wealth when they are young and be able to spend the remaining years to do what they want or to travel the world. At least that is in my opinion, I have seen the older generation work for 30 and even 40 years with some jobs being tough and demanding. As I see the older generation face work environments where they are not able to take control of their fate where the company can lay individuals off, not give a pay raise or even suppress their pay all just because they are loyal and need that pay check to survive.

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Many of the older generation grit and work hard to provide for their family and as the younger generation like me see what they go through, we want to amass wealth while we are young so that we are not at mercy of corporations when we are older. Hustling seems to be a norm now as we realise how short span our careers might be with all the innovation and technological advances that take over physical and repetitive work.

Burnt out

In the midst of hustling, it is important not to burn out because you might push yourself too much and in turn hurt your body both mentally and physically. Working from home has in one way or another cause burnt out in many as work seems to eat in personal time but if you are able to properly segregate work and rest time, working from home is actually beneficial.

If having to work harder causes you to feel overwhelmed and emotionally drained, you should take a second look into your style of hustling. I have seen so many instagram posts advocating working in a 9-6 job and then working on a second or side project from 8pm onwards. Before doing so, I think it is important to know where you are heading and unless you 9-6 job is able to allow that, I would rather have a good sleep and sufficient rest.

What you do today determines your tomorrow

When I was working in the office previously, I had this colleague who would work pretty late and I always ask her why work till so late, she told me, "I am doing something today that the tomorrow me will be grateful or happy for" which is that she is clearing her work so that tomorrow will not be as hectic or she might have lesser things to deal with. I find that really meaningful after all, a dollar that we invest today might be worth more in 10 years. Same thing as the effort that we put into our career now might reward us 10 years down the road.

Working hard for a better future is what we are all achieving for, although I am someone who does not have huge aspirations for my career or rather no dreams but just wanting to cruise through life and enjoy myself, I understand the hustle culture. As long as you don't over exert yourself, I believe it is a good way to improve and challenge yourself. All right, back to hustling for me, bye! Just kidding, back to catching up on my K-dramas!

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