Tuesday 21 September 2021

Time to buy more as prices drop? | Hodlnaut Interest (Earn up to 12.73% APY) & Upgraded Referral Program

*This post contains affiliate links which helps in the upkeep of the blog. I have been using Hodlnaut for some time and enjoy seeing the interest come in every Monday, 5pm. If you would like to also create a Hodlnaut account, do consider using my referral link and then use your referral link to invite your friends on to earn the upgraded referral rewards. Read on to learn more on it.

Besides the stock market being in the red, cryptocurrencies have also seen quite a substantial drop, with Etherum dropping to below $3000 at one point and Bitcoin dropping to about $42,000 from a high of $48,000. Pretty substantial drops we are seeing. I am holding a portion of my cryptocurrencies in Hodlnaut and have earned some interest over time whether or not the prices fall or go up.



Able to choose how you want your interest to be paid out

I discovered Hodlnaut now has a pretty interesting feature in that you can choose how you want to be receiving your interest in that the interest from your USDC can be paid out in ETH which I have done, meaning there is no need for you to manually do token swap every time your interest comes in.

New referral program

Hodlnaut has upgraded their referral program meaning the rewards are much more attractive. I am sure you have definitely came across it via their social media platforms. Starting 20 September 2021, 4.30pm till 22 October 2021, 23 59:

Tier 1: Earn a one-time bonus of 40 USDC for the first active* user you refer.

Tier 2: For every additional active* user that is referred after the first user, the referrer will get 20 USDC per new user.

*Active user means they need to use your referral link and to complete KYC as well to deposit a minimum of US$1000 worth of supported crypto assets in a single transaction as their first deposit or within 1 week of the first deposit (meaning you can split up the deposit amount, for safety reason but full deposit of US$1000 with in the 1st week of first deposit).

  • The old referral rewards still applies where you are eligible to earn a 10% perpetual commission on your referees’ interest on top of the above bonuses. The referees will also get a US$20 sign-up bonus when they deposit US$1000 in a single transaction as their first deposit or within 1 week from their first deposit.

So if you do not have a hodlnaut account yet, create one using my referral link to get US$20 sign-up bonus when they deposit US$1000 in a single transaction as their first deposit or within 1 week from their first deposit.

Conditions for the new referral program

  1. Once you qualify and complete Tier 1, you will automatically be eligible for Tier 2.
  2. The program is limited to the first 100 users that complete Tier 1.
  3. The maximum number of referrals for Tier 2 is capped at 50 referrals.
  4. Any referrals before 20 September 2021 Monday 4.30 pm (GMT+8) will be considered under the old user referral program.

Earning interest on your cryptocurrencies is feels great and if you hold a substantial amount, you can consider splitting them up to different areas like how I split my cryptocurrencies into cold storage and some in Hodlnaut as well as a small amount in exchanges.

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