Friday, 10 September 2021

Summary of RAOUL PAL - How Bitcoin Is Eating The World & Why Ethereum Is The Biggest Gamechanger Of All

I have been listening to a lot of cryptocurrencies interview as I want to know more about it. Came across a couple of videos with Raoul Pal and he really advocates for people to put some money into cryptocurrencies as it is an asset that gives us equal footing or entry as the financial giants who have also dominated money making opportunities for example having certain assets only available for investing by accredited investors or only allowing retail investors access to certain assets only after a dump or they have profited from it.

He advocates that this is the chance for people to gain wealth and get in on something that is still in the early stages where the adoption is slowly gaining traction. These are the 2 videos I saw, including another on with Micheal Sayor.

  1. RAOUL PAL - How Bitcoin Is Eating The World & Why Ethereum Is The Biggest Gamechanger Of All 🔥 1/2 - Released on 15 August 2021
  2. Everything You Need to Know About CRYPTO, & How to Gain WEALTH In the BITCOIN REVOLUTION | Raoul Pal - Released on 2 Sep 2021
  3. Michael Saylor's MASTERCLASS in Cryptocurrency Investing and the Future of BITCOIN - Released on 10 Jun 2021

Today's article will be a summary on the first video, where I take some points and summarise it, it would be better for you to go ahead and watch the full video instead to gain more and fully understand what he is saying. So let's get right into it. -

Millennials face all time record high valuations of real estate, equity, fund market basically traditional assets/investments

He talks about how traditional assets/investments are very expensive for the typical millennials as they are at all time high valuations and if you look at the size of those markets eg global real estates is about $100 trillion while global bonds and equities are about $200 trillion market. Next we have cryptocurrencies which can tokenised all of the above (real estate, equities and bonds) which is about roughly $2 trillion (you can alway check it here), so for it to match the bonds and equity market size, thats about a 100X from current.

Whats also great about it is that cryptocurrencies can be bought in fraction, so whether you earn $20,000 or $200,000, every individual can buy it meaning this levels the playing field where everyone can be involved. Basically everyone can participate without the rich being richer as what we always experience in the traditional financial markets.

Exponential age & Increasing pace of adoption

He mentions that we are going through a fastest period of technological growth and adoption. From 1990 to 2000 was the growth and adoption of the internet where during that period, the internet grew at 63% a year, cryptocurrencies are growing at 113% a year. The adoption is a network of money and all of finance above the internet.

Raoul also mentions that regulation speeds up adoption where charting a log chart will show a linear trend log chart which Bitcoin also shows.

What should I be buying?

Raoul mentions about Etherum and why he believes so much in it. He thinks the opportunity in ETH is better than the opportunity in Bitcoin in March 2020. His portfolio at the time of recording of the video is structured as:

  • 55% ETH
  • 25% BTC
  • Basket of DeFi protocols & big protocols like Polkadot and others.

He also is honest in that he explains he doesn't know on what he really sees in the other so called "competitors of Etherum but to always keep an open mind and not limit yourself to one true asset as things are constantly being improved and changed.

This is a summary of the video and as previously mentioned, it will be great for you to go ahead and watch the full video. I do also find the other video he did informative and might come up with a summary of it soon. Hope you guys enjoy this summary and credits to London Real for the interview!

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