Sunday 5 September 2021

Sharing my Portfolio Tracker | Total Stock and Crypto Value

I have actually been using InvestingNote to track my portfolio but decided to also create a google sheet for it since my portfolio size is not that huge yet which means it will be easier to port over the data and also to input the necessary formulas. It is a really simple tracker as I am no expert in excel and it really just contains the most basic details. I like to go through it and also the process of how I created it (also for memories sake as I might slowly update it as I go along). If you do have any suggestions for me to improve it, do let me know, so let's get down to it.


Currently, I hold Singapore, Hong Kong, US stocks and also cryptocurrencies for my investment portfolio and that will be how I categorise them. And I will also include the currency the investments are in before converting them to Singapore dollar using the exchange rate extracted from Google Finance.

Explanation of table

So you can see at the first top part are my Singapore holdings. I currently have 9 holdings and most are in small amounts, I am not adding more positions and just holding on for dividends. I used the headings of Stocks, Ticker, No. of Shares, Cost Price and Market Price. I have hidden my cost price as I am embarassed to show it haha, I am kidding, just want to keep some privacy on that. For SG stocks, google finance is unable to extract the real-time prices hence I need to manually put in the market prices in order to get the latest updated value.

Next would be my one and only HK holding which is the Tracker Fund of Hong Kong (2800), this ETF tracks the Hang Seng Index, I do not have a large amount of it. I am able to extract out the real-time prices of it by using the formula =GOOGLEFINANCE(Ticker/2800) to get the price of it. Hence this explains the ticker column as it helps extract the prices from Google. Similarly, with my US stock holdings, I use the same formula =GOOGLEFINANCE(Ticker) to get the prices.

Conversion of currencies and sum of value

For converting the value of my US holdings from US dollars to SG dollars, I use the formula =GOOGLEFINANCE("Currency:USDSGD") which gives me the value of USD1 in SGD which I then times the value of my portfolio with it. Similarly for my HK holdings except that I divide it with the value of SGD1 in HKD with =GOOGLEFINANCE("Currency:SGDHKD"). You can switch around the currency in the formula as you wish. For cryptocurrencies, I used these few formulas to extract out the prices.

So yup, that's it for my portfolio tracker that I created with google sheets. Do let me know if you think it can be improved. Hope you guys enjoy today's episode and don't forget to subscribe and like my videos.

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