Wednesday 12 February 2020

Addiction to Youtube videos and Social Media

Recently after work, I have been spending most of my time on my phone scrolling through Instagram or watching YouTube videos. 

After scrolling for awhile, I start to realise that time flies and it is soon late and I am tired. This then means that my evenings are cut short by doing something that kinda waste my time. 

Especially scrolling through Instagram can get me hooked. It has gotten worse in recent times as I got a new iPhone 11 and so I can see things in clearer resolution and the battery lasts so much longer. 

Not saying that I need to always be doing something productive but I do feel that my weekday evenings have nothing special.

I actually want to have a set routine for weekday evenings especially to add in some form of exercise in and maybe some form of reading or prepping for the next day of work. 

So of course, talking is easy and action is tough. I will see how it goes starting next week. 

YouTube can be educational, for example, I do watch Graham Stephan and Andrei Jikh both of which I enjoy and learn something from. 

I think what I really want to minimise is the pointless scrolling and watching which is not in anyway beneficial. 

Here is a video on digital minimalism: 

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