Sunday 9 February 2020

Coronavirus - How it will affects my Work, Portfolio and Every Other Thing

Yesterday, the DORSCON (Disease Outbreak Response System Condition) level was raised to Orange. This means that the disease is severe and spreads easily from person to person but not widely spread and is being contained. 

This means that more actions will be implemented like temperature screenings and more quarantine if required especially if you feel unwell and shows symptoms. 

At Work:

Since the level has turned orange, we are now all required to be ready to work remotely from home and so we need to bring our laptops home everyday. 

This also means that we have 2 teams within each department just in case anyone is affected by it. 

Reporting has also increased and we are encouraged to postpone our trips if possible. 

I think it good to have things in place so that work can still go on smoothly just in case another happens. 

I do worry a little as I am on a contract position meaning that I am very vulnerable if the company decides to reduce headcount.

I will be continuing my monthly RSP with FSMone. But I will not be buying individual stocks for awhile as I want to build up my cash.

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My portfolio is decreased slightly in value due to the Coronavirus. As I have a number of holdings in retail and hospitality. For example, Far East Hospitality which owns Village Hotel and CapitaRetail China Trust which owns shopping centres in China. 

You can see my portfolio here: Current Portfolio

Overall, my portfolio is down 5.5% which is still okay as I know most of the losses are due to Design Studio. My largest holding, Nikko AM STI ETF has also dropped below my average buying price and is currently at $3.26. 

But I am glad that if I were to include dividends, my portfolio still has a gain.That's my consolation for now. 


People have been stocking up on food (instant noodles and canned food) and toilet paper due to the DORSCON level being orange. It's pretty scary how people can be influenced as they see other hoard, I went to supermarket after work with my mum on Friday night. 

We just wanted to get some essentials like eggs and bread as we were running out however, the supermarket was packed with people buying rice, toilet paper and instant noodles. 

Queues were very long and I guess my mum also kinda panic as she saw the scene of people stocking up. She added a few more things to our basket but I think she knew that there was no need to panic and buy so much. 

I guess it can affect you as you see the people around you fear and worry. And even if the situation gets any worse, it would be best to stay calm and not rush. Take care everyone and hope everyone stays healthy.

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  1. Yup I hope more people will heed your advice - that there's no need to go into panic-buying frenzy.. Panic begets more panic and it's an (unnecessary) downward spiral