Sunday 23 February 2020

Building Up An Automation System and Full Breakdown of my Salary

I have always heard of automation of your finances so that you can save more time and reduce all that brain work.

I did not start automating my finances only until end of last year as I felt that transferring manually was easy as banks nowadays have online apps.

But after I started all the automation, life became much easier. I do not automate my bills as I want to see my spending and if any extra charges are being charged. I only automate the splitting of my monthly salary.

How do I do that? I am sure most of the people reading this would know it but I was surprised that most of my friends do not know about it. I use standing instructions to make sure a certain amount goes to somewhere that I want.

A standing instruction is an instruction a bank account holder gives to the bank to set aside an amount at regular intervals to another account. For me, when my salary goes into my bank account,
  • $600 goes into my Standard Chartered Jumpstart Account (Savings)
  • $400 to my Mum for her allowances
  • $300 to my FSMone for the ETF regular savings plan
  • $300 set aside for my NTUC savings plan (Annual payment, 2 more years to go with 1 payment in Mar 2020)
  • Rest of my salary for my spending and bills payment

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I have standing instructions for my savings, FSMone and allowances for my mum so it kinda relieves me from having to personally go into the app and transfer the amount.

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So far, the automation system has been working well for me. And hope more people can find out more about it because it really makes you life a a lot easier.


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